The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Studios in London

A dedicated London podcast studio design will take care of all your recording needs and will help you evolve along with the outset studio podcasting process by bringing everything to one place. This blog on “podcast studio in London” is a guide to prepare yourself for everything that goes into the recording process and can focus entirely on what they have to deliver. Take note of essential things to pay attention to before setting out in search of top podcast studios for hire in London with top tips for hiring a podcast studio in London. Read this blog before you type “podcast studios near me” into your browser. 

Podcast Studios in London

The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Studios in London

Are you looking to create podcasts? Searching for podcast studios can be a never-ending process if you don’t have a clear idea of all the studios available in the city that will make your recording job easier. A typical podcast studio in London offers a wide range of facilities to record your podcasts with high-quality audio and better output. Your search for top podcast studios in London can end here if you take your time to read this blog and understand what to keep in mind while hiring a podcast studio in London.

How do podcast agencies perform?

Podcast agencies help organise all steps of your podcast activities including position defining, finding guest speakers, preparation of the visual and audio designs. They prepare interviews, make all necessary edits during the production process. For more details and a list of existing agencies, you can check out this article.

Top Tips for Hiring a Podcast Studio in London

There are a few essential things to pay attention to before setting out in search of top podcast studios for hire in London : 

Setting the objectives

Create a list of things you require and communicate them to the podcast studio you are looking to hire. Make sure to stick to the list by ticking them when completed. If the podcast studio lacks any requirements, you will have enough time to have them arranged or venture out to find another studio that meets all your needs. A podcast studio that already has all your objectives incorporated means that you have more time to plan the content of your podcast. 

Know your audience

People nowadays want everything to be instant. Scheduling your podcast recording to a maximum of 15 to 30 mins of material can entice your audience to listen to more of the material. The way you present your podcast is as critical as the content itself. The tone of your voice should be cordial, whether formal or informal talk. Scheduling the time with the performers and co-hosts prior is essential in such cases.

Doing comprehensive research

It is not enough to research extensively on the topic you will present to the audience. It is equally essential to research the podcast studio sets in and around the city to conclude the one that fits your budget. Central London is an excellent hub for the best podcast studios and sets compared to the city’s outskirts. But the podcasts in the city’s outskirts are more affordable, and you know what budget-friendly podcasts can do in saving some extra money.

Plan out your budget

Everything from hiring a podcast studio to publishing your content carries a price. After you get the recorded files after post-production, uploading them to different platforms helps you reach the audience. While Apple and Google podcasts are dedicated platforms, subscriptions are chargeable both for the host and the audience in some cases. Castbox, Stitcher, and Luminary as other podcast listening applications that provide listening services, especially for London audiences. Social media streaming is always an option should you possess a long followers list.

Top Studios in London

London Podcast Studio

The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Studios in London - London Podcast Studio

The London podcast studios are a set of studios based in Hackney, East London, offering clients the best services to record podcasts with packages for audio and video recording. The podcasting studio allows at least a 12-person seating facility with external catering facilities, making it one of the best content creation goals. At London Podcast Studio, they are always expanding their amenities to suit the requirements of their community. The amenities include a twelve-inch microphones from wireless clip-ons to shotguns, sound mixers that don’t need technical skills, infinity coves with over 3 meters of shooting space, and a acoustically treated studio amongst others. With content assets and tours scheduled to enhance your journey, the London Podcast Studio is one of the top studios in London.

Entire Venue at BBE Podcast/Youtube/Photography Studio - in Hackney

The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Studios in London - Entire Venue at BBE Podcast/Youtube/Photography Studio - in Hackney

The Entire Venue at BBE Podcast/Youtube/Photography Studio – in Hackney is one of the best among the podcast studios. They are experienced in working with famous clients such as BBC Sounds, Sony Music and BBC Radio 1. The studio is also located in the heart of creative London: Hackney and it’s very close to Hoxton/Shoreditch. This studio provides multipurpose solutions such as music videos and podcasting.

Podcast Studio at Paddington Works

The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Studios in London - Podcast Studio at Paddington Works

Paddington Works is a podcast studio that offers the best services for venue facilities, service quality, location, value, and communication. It offers 24-hour access to studio holders. Professional space, ultra-high-speed, dedicated internet, and circadian lighting system make it an elegant and dedicated podcast space. The auditorium is attached with a dedicated bar and can comfortably host 200 guests. Pick between four studios based on your needs. It is perfect for podcasters, sound designers, editors and other artists. Other amenities include industry-leading equipment and anti-virus solutions. 

What are the benefits and disadvantages of hiring a podcast studio?


  • An all-in-one solution for equipment and the right environment to record
  • Hassle-free recording with experts overseeing your podcast recording
  • It leaves more time to plan out your recording content.


  • High-quality recording can be expensive at times.
  • Familiarizing yourself with new equipment every time you change your recording station can be tiring
  • Mapping your budget with all your needs can be difficult, especially when a studio that fits your budget may not necessarily have all you need.

Top Questions Answered

How much does it cost to rent a podcast studio in London?

For a one-time recording, prices start from £30 for an hour. The prices can go upto £50-£60 depending on the additional requirements. One-day packages are often offered at a much lesser price than per-hour hiring. Accordingly, a full day hire for a London podcast studio design can cost from £400 to £800 depending on the number of hours availed. It is important to note that most studios also charge for post-production services that may not be included in the total package.

What equipment should a podcast studio have?

Always check the recording studio by yourself before signing up with them. Doing field research, talking with the owners, and asking questions help get familiar with the studio before the recording session. The size of the recording room, seating, and the equipment they provide are some of the primary things to consider.

Test the equipment before you proceed to ‘book podcast studio’ and set up a trial session if necessary to avoid any interruptions during the final recording. Communicate your preferences on studio mics, whether you want them on unique stands or arms. Check if the walls have soundproof panels or foam blocks. The mixer and audio interface are other audio equipment to help you with the post-production. 

Finding the Podcast Studio of your Choice in London

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these studios have everything you need to create high-quality episodes from start to finish. With their help, you can finally turn your dream of hosting a successful podcast into a reality!


What equipment is needed for a podcast studio?

You need to have a computer, headphones, and a quality microphone: -An XLR or USB microphone, a microphone stand, a mixer, a pop filter or windscreen, acoustic treatments, recording and editing software and a podcast hosting provider for a podcast studio.

How do I set up a podcast studio?
As the first step, you need to choose the right place to set up your podcast studio that can be soundproof well. Then get the podcast Recording Equipment and pick the right Podcast Editing Software which is easy and most effective to use for you. Choose a Podcast Hosting Service.