Top 10 Employee Benefits to Offer Your Staff

If you want to attract and retain the best possible employees, it’s worth offering perks. In many cases, fringe benefits are easy to offer, and they can help you to not only make your company more attractive, but to drive down staff turnover in the long run.

So, what kind of benefits tend to be the most effective? Let’s run through a few popular choices.

Private Health Insurance

While we do live in a country with an NHS, providing private health insurance might be a significant benefit, especially to workers who are a little older.

Flexible Hours

Workers want to be able to arrange their working time around their personal lives, not vice-versa. If you can give them a little leeway about what time they come in and what time they leave, then they’ll thank you for it.

Company Car

A company car will allow you to present your business in a consistent light and help to cut down on travel expenses. This will, in theory, allow you to cast a wider net when looking for potential recruits. If you have the money to spare, you might lease an electric car and provide charging facilities onsite.

Flexible Annual Leave

Not everyone wants to take their holiday at the same time. Be accommodating when it comes to annual leave, and your employees will thank you for it.

Mental Wellbeing Support

Just about everyone gets worn down by workplace stress at some point or another – but with the right mental wellbeing support, your workers will have the tools they need to prosper.

Birthdays off

Many of your workers won’t mind working on their birthdays – but a few will. If it’s at all possible, try to arrange it so that workers have the option to take their birthday off.

Free Coffee

Everyone loves coffee – but not everyone loves paying for it. If you make coffee a free part of your workplace, then you could save your staff hundreds, or even thousands, that they might otherwise have spent at Costa or Starbucks.

Company Parties

As a morale-boosting exercise, getting everyone together every year for a company party might be worthwhile. Make sure that it doesn’t feel like an obligation and try to arrange it so that everyone feels included, and can have a good time.

Wellness Packages

Looking after your staff will help them to be happier and healthier in the long-term, and thus be more productive and contribute more. You might offer free gym memberships, guided yoga at work, or offer perks for those who wish to walk or cycle into work.

Work from Home

The pandemic proved that working from home is viable for a lot of professionals – so, if you aren’t offering home working to your new recruits, then you risk putting yourself at a disadvantage.