Top 50 Recycling Companies in the UK

Waste is a huge part of our lives, and it is becoming a bigger concern each year, as more waste and rubbish is created in large quantities. We have decided to acknowledge some of these and have gathered 50 recycling companies that deserve special recognition for their efforts in recycling and waste management. 

OLIO is a free app that connects neighbours to ensure that surplus food and other items are shared instead of being wasted. The location-based app and website let users list and post a photo of the unwanted food items that will otherwise go waste

TO GOOD TO GO is an app for fighting food waste. They fight food waste by helping food stores sell their surplus food instead of throwing it away. Their mission is to reduce food waste worldwide, and their vision is to create a world where food produced is food consumed. 

WINNOW developed smart kitchen tech to help commercial kitchens reduce food waste. 

XAMPLA has created the world’s first plant protein material for commercial use. 

LASSO LOOP RECYCLING develops the home recycling solution that collects, cleans and sorts garbage for recycling. 

GOMI uses a four step process of collecting, melting, marbling, and compressing to create an infinitely recyclable Bluetooth speaker. 

OCEAN BOTTLE wants to revolutionise two things: plastic recycling and the design of water bottles.

AEROPOWDER is creating novel materials from surplus feathers. 

SKIPPING ROCKS LAB develops natural and biodegradable packaging for liquids made from seaweed extract. 

Recycling Companies in the UK

RECYCLEYE is a London-based company which provides image recognition tools for the waste industry.

WHITESPACE WORK SOFTWARE is the leading provider of waste and environmental solutions in the UK. 

WILD makes refillable plastic-free deodorant. 

WORN AGAIN is a textile-to-textile Nottingham-based recycling technology that can separate and recapture polyester and cotton from discarded. 

VIRIDOR is one of the UK’s leading waste management companies based in Taunton, Somerset. 

HILLS WASTE SOLUTIONS is a Swindon-based company which offers customers a tailored, economical, and sustainable approach to waste management and recycling.

ECOPARK is a waste-to-energy plant which burns waste from several London boroughs to provide electricity for the National Grid. 

BIFFA is a leading UK nationwide integrated waste management business providing collection, treatment, recycling, and technologically driven energy generation services based in High Wycombe. 

KEENAN RECYCLING is the Scotland’s number 1 commercial food waste collection company, with nationwide coverage. 

BIOGEN, Bedford-based, provides unrivalled food and organic waste recycling solution to local authorities and commercial customers across the UK. 

SWD, part of the TRI Group, is a Greater Manchester based specialist in the collection, reuse, and recycling of preloved textiles, across Northern England and North Wales. 

The TRI Group is the West Midlands’s largest textile recycling business – annually collecting, processing, reusing, and recycling over 400 million garments of used clothing, household textiles and shoes across four plants located throughout the UK and Ireland. 

WILCOX, based in West Midlands, collects more than 900 tonnes of unwanted clothing each week from over 3500 collection points across the UK.

LOOPCR specialises in maximising the use of redundant IT equipment by securely reusing and refurbishing those items, thus extending their shelf life in Kent. 

UNITED UTILITIES (Kent) brings 3 million households and 200,000 businesses, clean, clear water and to take it all away again. 

HIPPO (Portsmouth) creates and develops ways to dispose of their waste or unwanted materials in an ethical, efficient and cost-effective manner. 

CLEARABEE is UK’s largest ‘in-house’ man and van style rubbish clearance company. 

FILAMENTIVE waste plastics and bioplastics to manufacture high performance consumables for 3D printing – waste stream to mainstream! 

FORGE WASTE & RECYCLING is providing waste management services. 

SITA CORNWALL LIMITED provides recycling and waste management services to households and businesses in Cornwall. 

SLICKER RECYCLING specializes in the collection and recycling of hazardous workshop waste and the provision of associated waste management. 

BLUE SKY PLASTIC RECYCLING in recycling plastics from waste electrical and electronic. 

ADVETEC provides biodegradation, bio thermic digester technology to minimize environmental impact. 

 INETEC provides waste management solutions for food manufacturers and retailers. 

APSU ENVIRONMENTAL is develops advanced treatment stations (ATS) to decontaminate and recycle road water run-off. 

RECYCLE FORCE is a waste management and recycling company in Northamptonshire. 

AEROTHERMAL offers a waste treatment solution that delivers significant environmental benefits by diverting waste from landfill. 

THE SHRED CENTRE offer shred all other confidential waste materials, including hard drive shredding and branded product destruction. 

Top 50 Recycling UK

PLASTIC ENERGY offers a global and sustainable solution to prevent plastic pollution. 

GREEN’S specialises in the design and manufacture of economisers and waste heat recovery systems. 

CORNATURAL develops bio-based sustainable products to offer a range of natural products. 

SEAB ENERGY has patented a micro anaerobic digestion system for onsite and in-building conversion of organics to energy, water, and fertiliser. 

CARBON 8 SYSTEMS provides solutions for the treatment of industrial waste.

CRAPPER & SONS LANDFILL operates in recycling, waste management, supply of recycled aggregates, landfill, and groundworks. 

SKRAP is an on-demand mobile marketplace for skip hire and other waste collection services. 

ELLIPSIS EARTH specializes in detecting, categorising and tracking plastic waste in the environment and throughout supply chains. 

J&B RECYCLING provides diverse and innovative solutions in waste collection, recovery and recycling to public and private sectors. 

TAKESTOCK enables unwanted stock sellers to trade out rather than waste food. 

PVC RECYCLING provides recycling services for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) derived from materials. 

There are so many great businesses out there that have a mission to create a more sustainable world. Here we gathered the best food waste apps in the UK.

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