Top 7 Keys To Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Running a Startup

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is like riding on a rollercoaster. Whilst building something from the ground up is ever so satisfying, it is also exhausting. Moreover, the responsibilities and pressure of running a startup can easily damage mental health, making it harder to cope with the stress. But, no need to panic; we got your back with our favourite seven tips on taking care of your mental health while running a startup.

Develop relationships with other founders similar to your stage

The good news is you are not alone. There are several other founders out there going through a similar process as you are. Reach out to them and try to form meaningful connections with them where it’s acceptable for you to share what you are going through. It will make you feel as if some of the weight has been lifted by giving you the moral support your friends and families can’t so easily provide. Also, it will lead you to feel safe knowing there are always people out there that will understand your mental state and what you are going through. 

Remember you are allowed to take a vacation

Sometimes it may feel like your company will fall apart even if you take a day off; rest assured, it won’t. If you need to take some time for yourself, don’t hesitate. Taking a vacation can clarify that you need to be more mindful to grow your company. If there is a noise running in the background reminding you of the pressure you are on, you will never be at your full capacity. Instead, taking some time off will help you calm those noises and focus on what you need to thrive. 

Explore different self-soothing and grounding techniques

A couple of efficient self-soothing and grounding techniques are something every entrepreneur should have in their toolbox. Self-soothing is an emotional regulation strategy to calm our bodies in the face of stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. When feelings are too much to handle, self-soothing and grounding techniques help you stay in the moment and feel safe and in control, combating any negative thoughts. What is magical about these techniques is that there are many different ones to explore. Not every technique suits everyone, so it is best to examine a couple of them to understand which one you feel comfortable with. To start with, you can check this article to learn the most common self-soothing techniques.

Be flexible while planning

Of course, planning is an essential part of running a business. However, founders tend to focus solely on planning and achieving those plans at the beginning of a business. It leaves no room for unpredicted interruptions. If you look at the stories of notable entrepreneurs, you’ll see that they pivoted when they needed to and adapted to circumstances beyond their control. It’s critical to be more tolerant to change of plans.

Don’t go down the comparison hole

Here is an underrated tip: avoid unhealthy comparisons at all costs. While it is pretty normal to keep a close eye on the other startups’ growth, you need to be mindful of how you compare your journey with other startups. Especially if you are having a bad day in the office, it can doom you by leading you to lose control. Be kind to yourself and remember you are not seeing the whole picture; other startup founders struggle too, and success never comes easy to anyone. There isn’t one specific road to success, and the successful road does not determine your journey the others take around you. 

Eat, exercise and sleep

Probably you have heard more than enough scientific data about the benefits of eating well, exercising regularly, and having a balanced sleep schedule by now. However, according to research, 30 per cent of startups fail because of the emotional stage of the founders. Emotional struggles can easily be balanced with a good routine of a healthy diet, physical exercise, and a satisfying sleep schedule. Yes, startup founders are fairly busy people, and it may feel like not even a minute of their time should be wasted. But, they are also human beings who need to take care of themselves and their bodies. Even sparing 30 minutes for quick cardio can have dramatic effects. 

Don’t hesitate to seek help

The pressure of being an entrepreneur can feel so overwhelming that it can affect the way you function. It is the cue your body is trying to give you that you need to seek help. There is no shame in getting professional help. On the contrary, this is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. You don’t have to take responsibility for your mental health on your own. Professionals are here to ensure you get out of the mental spiral you are in with resilience and for you to be your best self. If you want to start by taking baby steps and exploring your options, check out our article on top mental health startups in London.


Being a startup owner and pursuing your passion is an honourable experience. However, the pressure and the responsibility of building a business ground up and having other people dependent on your success can create immense pressure on your mental health. In the end, you are responsible for your mental health, just like you are responsible for the growth of your business. You would be doing more harm than good to your business by not properly taking care of your mental health. Implementing these simple yet effective tips will bring you the control and clarity you need. No matter how hectic your life gets, never forget to nurture your mental health.