Top 8 Advantages of Working at Startups in London

As a graduate who is new in the job market, you may come across some terms you may not be familiar with, and one of them is “startup.” A startup refers to a company that is still in the early stages of operation. In other words, a startup is a new business designed to have high growth potential, and there are many advantages of working at startups, which we wanted to share more insights on them. 

Due to the numerous business opportunities and the fertile nature of London, numerous startups are springing up. Despite COVID-19, business in the tech world is booming, and new concepts are being created to contribute to the global economy. The UK capital is filled with diverse cultures, talents, creative workspaces, and investors making it a great place for startups who are searching for the perfect environment for their businesses. When it comes to building an amazing company culture that attracts the best talents, London startups are popular for this. No wonder they thrive in London, and this has led to more startup jobs in the city.

Some of the reasons why the UK is considered a perfect place for startups include the presence of some of the best universities in the world in London, which makes it easy for startups to access the best talents for their business, the active encouragement UK offers startups through financial support schemes, the presence of investors who are actively looking for startups to support, and the large number of entrepreneurs scattered all over the country (this allows startup owners network).

There are multiple reasons why working for a startup is highly beneficial.

Why work for a startup

Why Work for a Startup in London?

It is easier to fit into a culture you helped creating than to fit into an already established one. In a startup, you have the opportunity to challenge and experiment with culture and ideas until you find what works best for the company. Working in a startup allows you to handle greater responsibilities, which builds your Curriculum Vitae and makes you fit for bigger roles in bigger companies. Unlike established businesses, startups offer you the opportunity to grow your ideas from initial stages to final stages. The more the challenges, the more the skills you develop for the future.

Also, there is an opportunity to learn directly from the founder of the startup, as well as learning from other influential entrepreneurs. The experience of watching and contributing to the success of a new business is satisfying.

Top 8 Advantages of Working in a Startup in London

If you are still wondering how working for a startup can benefit your career, here are some insights on the benefits.

1. New responsibilities: Working for a startup is similar to working with a small team. Due to this, you have smaller chances of working with people who have the same skill sets as you. This means you will have a greater responsibility than you would in an established business. Working with this small team encourages you to take on tasks that are outside your specific roles because the success of the business lies in your hands and of your team members. This helps you develop new skills.

2. Choosing your career path: As a new graduate, choosing the career path to follow may be challenging. You may need to try your hands on different things before you finally find what you are really interested in. Working in a startup allows you to try different roles and discover what you are best in. This is an invaluable opportunity for the early stages of your career. 

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3. Learning directly from the founder: Unlike corporate businesses where you hardly get the chance to meet or directly work with the founder of the business, a startup is a small business with a small team that includes the founder. Due to the nature of the business, you will often learn directly from the founder of the business, this grows you professionally.

4. Great working conditions and company culture: Most startups do not have strict regulations. They believe in “work hard, play hard”. Most times, they have great offers such as flexible working hours, free lunch, work dinner, recreational activities, etc. This is a great experience for people in the early stages of their careers as it helps them shape the culture of their own future company.

5. Your impact will easily be noticed: in a startup, all your efforts will be seen due to the small size of the team. Seeing your ideas and efforts have a great impact on the growth of the business is satisfying, and it will make a great contribution to your CV.

6. Opportunities to progress fast: Working with a startup means you will easily progress, as it’s always easy to showcase your talents and prove your worth to the senior members of your team. This can earn you a promotion quicker than you would have in a bigger corporate company.

7. Building your teamwork spirit: Teamwork is a top priority in startups. You get to learn the importance of teamwork and also be a better team player.

8. Opportunity to gain experience in other areas of business: In a startup, your roles are not fixed as you may be required to try your hands on other aspects of the business. This gives you the chance to have experience in other fields.

Working in a startup is different from working in corporate organizations. The experience of startup companies is designed to build the early stages of your career easily and help you move through these stages more efficiently. Tech startup jobs are easy to find, and you should consider working for one due to the numerous benefits and the career boost it offers new graduates.

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