Top CV Maker Apps To Help You Level Up

Curriculum vitae (CV) is a marketing document used for job applications which summarises a person’s qualifications, skills, education and experience. To win the attention of recruiters/employers, you must sell your potential and abilities. For job seekers, you need to have a breathtaking cv/resume to be distinct from other job applicants. Sometimes it could be a great challenge to build a very outstanding resume based on the level of your experience, work history and how concise your information is. CV Maker Apps are your best guide in making the perfect resume.

We are in a global village, and the world is advancing daily. Technology is a frontier to make it easier for a person to select resume builders online. Resume builders are online software tools that include forms and templates that are engaging to enable you to fill in your desired information and structured resume. There is considerable importance in resume builders; it has only made job seekers find more accessible means to build their resume/cv. Few of the significance that a resume builder tool offers include;

  • Technical skills are not required in uploading your information in the resume builder because it has specific templates. All that’s needed from you is to select your design choice, and the resume builder will get it fixed. 
  • Using a resume builder creates and boosts the confidence of Job seekers. One crucial thing recruiters/ employers like Startups of London look for in applicants is confidence. This trait should be present when professionally designing your resume/cv.
  • Using a resume builder is the best way to ensure that your resume appears professional; it does not necessarily need to evolve on your appearance, but it does need to be presentable, detailed and white-collared. 

Best CV Maker Apps​



CV Engineer was launched in 2018 by Matthew Callery to help job seekers score interviews and land their desired jobs. Based in London, Uk, with an offer in Resume Advice, easily accessible to use, and it is available on Android and IOS. It has a unique feature that’s very uncommon and not found in other apps. The “Scan My Cv” feature lets you upload your resume, fix any errors and offer suggestions for improvements.


A career-based website launched in 2016 to help millions of job seekers worldwide find employment. Expert knowledge, tips and tools are being shared to assist job seekers in finding their dream jobs. It’s an excellent online resume builder that walks you through the process of filling out your information to create your resume. With over 3,585 reviews on Trustpilot and an excellent rating of 4.5/5, it offers three main types of resumes, chronological, combination and functional. The most customised resume builder changes every aspect, including spacing and format.
Some of the key features include:

  • Flexible text editor
  • Over 20 resume templates
  • Highly customisable
  • Limitless letter variations
  • Resume check (suggestions to upgrade)
  • Easily accessible interface

Visual CV

Since its launching in 2014, it has built upon its core product by introducing resume analytics, personalised resume websites, portfolios, cover letter, etc. It has grown from a modest website with a handful of resume templates to the powerful tool it is today. It offers 20+ ATS-friendly resume templates and access to unlimited PDF downloads. You can use a basic editor to input information in a list form before editing directly on the resume and previewing to see any changes made on either version in real-time. One feature distinguishing VisualCv from other options on this list is that pro subscribers can build their professional websites. was launched in 2012 to aid job seekers in growing their careers. It offers exact job-winning resume structures and ‘resume rules’ to give you the edge over the competition to be hired faster. It gives you access to create a perfect personalised resume or cover letter in a few minutes. It was made with two main elements in mind. Recruiter /Hr knowledge and also has the best software functionality.

Novo resume

Novo Resume was launched in 2014 with the need to showcase individual talents with a professional resume and cover letter. It enables job seekers to scan their resumes into the resume builder and offers optimisation tips for content. Their management structure for creating resumes is one of the best, with exciting customisation and editing features.

Resume Genius

Resume Genius​ is web’s foremost resource for job seekers. Founded in 2009 with the idea that the resume creation procedure could be automated and simplified. Based on a person’s job title, it creates pre-written bullet points to make selections from. It is perfect for those looking for step-by-step guidance when creating a resume. A search option helps you build an ATS-optimised resume that’s customised to fit your position. Another impressive feature is the many tips and tricks on offer. A live chat feature is also available to assist you in answering any related questions regarding your resume.

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