Top Digital Marketing Strategies for the Proptech Industry

The Proptech industry is a fast-growing sector in the tech industry and startups and companies are working on innovative solutions for the problems that exist in the real estate industry. Some of these innovative solutions include, but are not limited to, data analytics, virtual reality, 3D rendering services, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and much more. These services, such as 3D rendering, are transforming the way we visualize and understand property spaces. 

For example, can you imagine AI has been applied to various sectors including real estate? It is used to automate tasks such as property valuation and to make predictions about future trends like population growth or new developments. It also helps with automating tasks like property search and selection or finding suitable properties for lease or sale. Cool, right?

Proptech market’s maturing and becoming more stable every day. This quick fact shows that Prop Tech Industry is will keep going to change in a good way, because it’s connected with other tech-focused subjects like AI. It means the Proptech industry is one of the sectors that can quickly develop and grow. This kind of focused & rapid growth comes with the need for new digital marketing strategies to keep up with the demand. In this post, we covered some of them for you. Enjoy!

Brand Image

The first. Try to create a unique brand, that will help to gain customers.  Know your sector dynamics and establish a strong and catchy brand name. Brand name and your log will be the first subject that helps you build trustworthy relationships with potential customers. Start there!

Be Proactive

Create a website that is simple and easy to discover. Include all of the information about your business in a user-friendly way by following UX &UI disciplines. Test the experience you offer to your users &customers regularly via your website or mobile app. Avoid fast-loading interface in your platform where you promote yourself & products.

Don’t Start Advertise Immediately & Care About Your Social Media Presence First

Make sure, you develop a sustainable social media presentence. Don’t spend any penny before you set a certain strategy for your social media. Don’t just publish posts, try to engage your audience, competitors, other sectors &industry providers. 

Select the social media platforms you want to use carefully. Follow a specific calendar to post your content. Focus on social media presence and track online engagements. Create unique hashtags that you think to work for you and position your company properly. 


If you have a dedicated team member in your prop-tech startup or company, you are lucky! If you don’t get, pro help from the service providers. It can be an agency or a freelancer. Whoever they are, they need to understand to grab the attention of your target audiences by using catchy tag lines and tracking your performance.

Competitor Analysis

Yes, when we are creating the first digital marketing strategy for our Proptech business we work really hard. Then because of the other task on our board, we don’t pay attention to following up with our competitors.  Know your competitors as you work for them. Let’s don’t be lazy about updating the competitor’s analysis document. Consistency is the key to success. Keep close to the ones who dominate the prop-tech sector.

Reviews & Comments are Boosting Your Business (Yes, it’s not a lie. )

Register the review sites, and search your name on Google regularly to find new ones. The trick is here to respond to the complaints promptly and make sure you make the previous customer leave another positive comment about you. Do whatever it takes. Care about your digital footprint to protect your company.

When you feel you build a good relationship with your partners or customers, don’t hesitate to ask for a review.

Organize Sector Events and Webinars

Organize an event and invite the solution providers of proptech industry. This will help you to develop new relationships, partnerships, and most importantly these kinds of events will increase brand awareness. 

Consider Traditional Advertising Options

You should use social media to promote your messages, but don’t forget traditional advertising options. Billboards, television commercials, radio adverts, and other forms of advertising are can be used for Proptech industry. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

You can set monthly newsletter, to build a strong relationship with your audience. You can offer discounts and coupon codes, let them know about the sector trends and events

Reward Programs & Influencer

You can create a membership club and reward users who bring you the news. There are lots of ways for a startup to market its service to its potential.

Track Your Digital Marketing Efforts From The Start

Domain Authority, Speed Performance, Organic Guests, Pipeline Customers, Recurring Customers, Social Media Performance, Advertising, Performance, anything you do which includes digital marketing, track them. See what works, and what doesn’t. Once you set the digital marketing KPI tracking sheet, you will find out which subject you need to focus on the most.

Referral Marketing Strategies

Building reference strategies will help you grow your start-ups. Most of the time, there will be no cost to develop these types of reference programs. All you need to do is a little search on Google.

Keep Up With Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Yes, when you read that, you might think about how to find the time to follow those updates. The launch or creation of a new business modal already requires tons of work. Yes, that’s why you should build a successful digital marketing team. Hire some pros bu using our search.

The Other Digital Marketing Strategies for Preptech Startups:

  • Join New Communities

  • Spend Some Ad Budget
  • Use Ecommerce Platforms
  • Advertise on Listing Pages
  • Create Testimonials Videos About Your Products
  • Study on Customer Retention Strategies
  • Make Sure Everyone In The Team Prioritizing Customer Service
  • Use Some Tools For Marketing Automation
  • It’s not Early To Design A Customer Loyalty Program
  • The Only Data You Have: Newsletter Subscribers :(Don’t Count on Social Media)
  • Don’t Give a Bad Impression 
  • Reduce Your Costs
  • Include User-Generated Content in Your Blog Section
  • Create Passive Income Models
  • Don’t Under Estimate of the Power of Webinars
  • Use Project Management App
  • Get The License of Your Product
  • Find Out Micro-Influencer in Your Niche Sector
  • Start Smart Networking
  • Design or Support Social Responsibility Project
  • Work on Strategic Partnerships
  • Don’t Expand Operations Too Quickly, Wait for Signals
  • Think About Integrations

Final Thoughts

Even though Proptech still looks like a new term in the market, it is already being used as a catch-all for new disruptive technologies. In this sense, it is defined by what it does and how these technologies are being adopted across sectors. 

The proptech industry will keep developing and growing. In order to compete in today’s extremely competitive market, make sure to create winning digital marketing strategies to keep up with the demand. Besides the top digital marketing strategies your competitors regularly. You can subscribe to Proptech startups’ and companies’ newsletters to reach their latest news, media resources, and information and make sure to implement these digital marketing strategies for your proptech company.