Top EdTech Events You Should Attend in the UK

EdTech companies have been receiving a lot of attention recently and more people are beginning to consider adopting EdTech. Years ago, teaching was more stressful for the teachers and very boring for the students as the educators have to spend more hours trying to pass on information/knowledge to the students but with EdTech, it is a completely different story.

EdTech is a combination of education and technology. It involves the use of newer approaches to learning that improves learning and also help advance the relationship between the students and the educators. EdTech presents to you, innovative ways to communicate information to students and encourage independent learning. It totally transforms the quality of education for future generations and a lot of startups globally want to tap into this.

The increasing popularity of EdTech has motivated a lot of people in the tech world to continuously search for ways to stand out in the EdTech world and currently, we have lots of Edtech startups seeking to be noticed in this global competition. There are several Edtech podcasts, Edtech news, EdTech conferences, EdTech events, and EdTech webinars made available to you by Edtech startups.

In the UK, there are several Edtech events and conferences you could attend and showcase your startup, gain information on Edtech news, and gain insight into future Edtech. The UK summit London, Global Edtech week, is one of them and during these events, global Edtech startup awards are presented to EdTech startups that stand out in the Edtech world. Your EdTech Startup deserves to be seen by the world.

Knowledge they say is power, but we tell you that information is also power. Below is a list of the 2022 – 2023 EdTech events that could give you the success and networking boost you have always wanted. 

EdTech Events List

EdTech World Forum

  • Date: 30-31 May, 2022
  • Location: Virtual Conference       

This online conference is endorsed by Microsoft, Harvard, and Google. This annual EdTech event features speakers from all areas of the EdTech industry. More information available at EdTech World Forum’s website.


  • Date: 23-24 September, 2022
  • Location: Virtual Conference

The International Conference on Preschool Education and Educational Technology is your best resource for EdTech that deals specifically with younger children. Get in touch with EdTech start-ups that can help you refine your EdTech to the people who need it most. More information available at the conference’s website.

  • Date: 29 -31 March, 2023
  • Location: Excel, London

Bett is the premier EdTech UK global summit. Whether you run an EdTech startup, or just an EdTech podcast, this is one event you do not want to miss. More information available at the summit’s website.


  • Date: 16 November, 2022
  • Location: NEC, Birmingham

As a joint event with the Schools & Academies Show 2021, EdTech Summit is one of the major events attended by educators, senior leaders, IT professionals and learning technology experts across the country.