Top Fertility Apps & Startups to Follow in 2023

Trying to get pregnant? Keep up with the latest fertility apps and startups to help you reach your goals. From tracking ovulation cycles to scheduling doctor appointments to finding support groups these tools to make your journey easier in 2023.

The fertility market is rapidly becoming more popular, with new fertility apps and startups emerging. In this article, we will look at the top fertility apps and startups to follow in 2023. We will explore their use cases, features, and benefits for individuals and couples looking to start or expand their families. We will also discuss how these technologies are changing the landscape of fertility care and what potential opportunities they offer for investors.

Fertility Apps & Startups

What is Fertility Care?

Fertility care consists of a wide range of treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic diagnosis, embryo banking, gamete and embryos donation, and embryo transfer for women who don’t have enough eggs. to produce a successful pregnancy. Research is currently ongoing to find ways to improve the utilization of donated eggs and embryos, while also reducing the time needed for egg donation and embryo transfer.

Fertility Apps & Startups You Should Know


Over 250 million people around the globe use Flo as their ovulation and period tracker app, fertility calendar, and pregnancy assistant.

Flo is the essential female health partner. They are building a better future for female health by helping women & people who menstruate harness the power of their body signals.

Flo in numbers:

– #1 period tracker in the USA by active audience

– #1 most downloaded female health app worldwide

– 50 million monthly active users

– Chosen by 280 million users and co-created with over 100 leading medical experts and acclaimed medical institutions

– More than 28 million logged pregnancies and counting

Flo prioritizes safety and keeps a sharp focus on being the most trusted digital source for female health information. Flo intensively uses Data Science and AI to deliver the most personalized content and services available. Flo is currently available in 22 languages on iOS and Android. 55% of users are located in the US and Europe.

Grip (now Hertility)

Grip gives anyone with ovaries insight into their hormonal health and (future) fertility, through a simple at home blood test. “Just start trying, and see if you get pregnant” is no longer good enough. Whether you’re years away from having a kid or have already started trying, understanding your fertility will help you plan better.

June Bio

The platform provides home testing for vaginal microbiomes, as well as 1:1 help and support on how to treat and improve any conditions.

ImVitro is applying AI to enhance IVF to greater potential. The Paris-based fertility startup phenomenally increases the success rate per cycle, gives analysis and advice on how to improve the chances and saves doctors hours of time by effortlessly evaluating embryos automatically.

This Stockholm-based startup was created when our founders, Elina and Raoul, were in search of an effective method of natural birth control. Their journey took them from physics straight into health tech for women. The couple were unsatisfied with what they found, so they decided to apply their experience and knowledge in advanced mathematics and data analysis to develop a solution to meet their needs. This turned out to be an algorithm that detects and predicts ovulation and fertility.

In the early days, they used the algorithm for their own purposes but quickly realized that there was a vast unmet need for this type of method. They decided to develop a mobile app so women from all over the world could easily access and use Natural Cycles.

Fertility care and what potential opportunities they offer for investors

Fertility care is an emerging field with tremendous growth potential for investors. With the help of advanced technology, fertility treatments are becoming more accessible and effective than ever before. Investing in fertility care provides access to a rapidly growing market with multiple opportunities for both short-term and long-term gains.


With fertility technology becoming more accessible in this century, there are a growing number of apps and startups that are helping individuals and couples who are trying to conceive. These fertility apps and startups offer a range of services from tracking fertility cycles to providing support with conception. As we move into 2023, some exciting new developments in this space provide helpful tools for those struggling with infertility.