Top GreenTech Companies and Startups in the UK

Over the years, Green Tech has been attracting a lot of attention from investors who understand that an increasing number of people are looking for possible ways to support the “go green” initiative. Green Tech companies that use technology for the creation of products are currently receiving a lot of crowdfunding as the renewable energy niche is getting more publicity and entrepreneurs can see the investment opportunities calling out to them in green tech. 

Using renewable energies and recyclable materials for the production of goods still remain the most recommended production means and this is led to the growth of several green tech companies in the UK. Below is a list of top green tech companies in the UK. 


Kabloom green tech company

With the vision of creating innovative environmental-friendly products, Kabloom created a product known as ‘seedbom’, which is a mixture of organic seeds with the shape of a comparable grenade. It has to be soaked in water and thrown into the garden or any place of choice. The plant grows in the place and each seedbom serves a different purpose. Some are designed to attract butterflies while some are designed to encourage the growth of a particular plant. These seeds do not require the help of any gardener, they just grow on their own.

emitwise green tech startup uk

Emitwise was designed to help businesses meet the sustainable challenges they face. It helps businesses automate their carbon accounting across all suppliers and units through the use of artificial intelligence to track emissions. Emitwise works with businesses and their suppliers to set up an automated workflow and track their carbon usage. With Emitwise, they can measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint. 

bio bean green tech company uk

Bio Bean was created with the aim of collecting the oil contained in coffee grounds. People living in the UK consume thousands of cups of coffee daily resulting in thousands of coffee grounds annually, which can emit harmful gases into the environment. Bio bean transforms these coffee grounds into valuables, thus saving the environment and at the same time creating sustainable alternatives to synthesized products. Bio Bean has also introduced the idea of coffee logs in the UK, which encourages sustainable wood burning.

Worn Again Technologies

Worn Again Technologies green tech company was launched in 2015 with the aim of converting old plastics and textiles or clothes into raw materials. Its vision is to stop textile overproduction and wastage and also ensure resources are constantly circulated. The fashion industry is greatly benefiting from this as they can now recapture raw materials from non-reusable materials. Worn again technologies use advanced recycling technology to separate, decontaminate and extract cellulose and polyester from old textiles.

macrebur green tech company

Macrebur was founded by Toby McCartney with the vision of solving the plastic waste epidemic and enhancing the use of asphalt on the roads. Macrebur is one of the green startups uses plastic wastes destined for incineration thereby reducing the usage of fossil fuel, which results in a reduction in carbon footprints. This creates a safer environment and encourages a circular economy. This startup won a grant for business growth, which was used in opening the first factory. Since then, it has been receiving increasing attention as it continues to alternative ways for waste granulation.