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Top Health and Fitness Startups to Watch out for in the UK

Gone are the days when people live and eat whatever they want each day without being bothered about how m calories they may be consuming or how many pounds they may be adding to their body weight. The world of beauty has taken over and nobody wants to be overweight anymore, all thanks to social media. People now practice the “eat it, sweat it out” way of life. Asides from the physical fitness that accompanies this, fewer people are seen reporting to hospitals due to diseases linked to obesity. That’s good news, right? Well, to entrepreneurs, that’s also an opportunity to make profits.

With the growing attention, the world of physical fitness receives, entrepreneurs are beginning to realize how much profit they could generate by investing in the fitness industry. This has led to an increase in the number of fitness startups in the UK and other countries. People seeking to become physically fit no longer have limited options as there is a good number of them accessible to them. 

Fitness startups in the UK are taking a number of innovative approaches to ensure they stay at the top of their game in the industry. A good number of them have been able to find their feet within few months of existence. The truth is that startups and well-established businesses in the fitness industry are always in constant competition to see who stands out and draws the crowd. Well, this is to the benefit of the consumers. The tougher the competition becomes, the better the products these companies push out to people.

If you are looking for the best fitness startups in the UK, it will interest you to know that we have listed the top fitness startups in 2021. We considered a couple of factors like innovation, ease of use and value for money while compiling this list. Here have a look at the list and make your pick – and perhaps share your journey with us if you are already familiar with any of them 🙂

fitwell fitness app

Fitwell was incorporated in November 2016 and it has a large selection of classes available to people. It is one of the health tech and fitness startups with personalized programs that combine different training styles and also adjust to the progress of users so as to ensure they get fast and long-lasting results. It also plans your weekly meals using your favourite foods and allows you to connect to a community of people with similar targets.

Open Play is a fitness startup that connects individuals to startup facilities. It is a marketplace where people can easily find, book or list their sports facilities. There are courses and activities available to users. With Open Play, people can search for local events, activities or courses and also connect to other players using the player finder.

3. Apex Rides

apex rides fitness startup uk

Apex Rides is one of the fitness tech startups that sell smart bikes at good prices to people and at the same time, they also have UK based instructors who are available to help people through their fitness journey from the comfort of their homes.

4. East Nine

East Nine is one of the health and fitness startups in the UK that has a lot of HIIT, stretch, strength and running workouts available to users. The weekly addition of new ones makes the fitness journey more exciting. There is also a team of health and fitness experts (athletes and nutritionists) personalized to users.

5. Quell

Quell stands out in the fitness world, as the best fitness tech, with its unique combination of gaming with fitness training. Users punch, duck, run, jump and dodge their way through enemies in the game. That’s enough exercise, right? The workouts are tailored to help people can burn calories with real-time technique analysis. New exercises are updated to keep the workout fresh and exciting.

6. Second Nature

Second Nature was the first digital program the National Health Service used for long term behavioural change and weight loss. This health and fitness startup in the UK teach people how to eat better with their delicious recipes. The second nature app also allows people to track their weight, food, habits and steps. For people who love to know the trend, articles on new scientific findings are also made available to them.

7. Gymetrix

It was the first fitness startup to sell and attach sensors to gym equipment. They carry out face to face surveys with customers to find out their demands and ensure that companies buy products that satisfy them. Gymetrix was the first to analyze gym floor behavior. They use P2P methods and technology to optimize gym space and improve customer retention for gyms.

8. Run An Empire

Run an Empire is one of the innovative fitness startups London. It uses mobile games to encourage people to run, walk, and cycle. The amazing thing about this fitness startup is that you do not have to go with your phone because you can connect the game to the STRAVA on your bike computer. You can also check your stats such as calories burned, speed and distance.

9. Mini Monkey Gym

Mini Monkey Gym fitness startup is designed to combine physical play, musical engagement and sensory adaptation in one play area. It was established in March 2012. It is specially designed to help toddlers explore their physical and movement skill. The fitness areas range for toddlers between 0 and 5 years.

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