Top 13 HR Tech Startups in London

Technological developments disrupted various industries, and in fact, Human Resources is one of them. Thanks to HR Tech Startups, companies now have different solutions addressing their recruitment needs, such as attracting and acquiring the best talents, improving their employees’ performance, developing their company culture, and more. 

HR technology and innovation may provide an improving, ambitious and competitive edge. The companions coping up with the new technology in HR are AI and cloud-based systems. Artificial Intelligence tools can help them predict the people they plan to hire and imitate the environment and a working culture that will be most relevant to the target audience. AI in HR technology may offer and manage flexible working and allow a person to choose their benefits. Cloud-based HR technology is available through mobile devices, and remotely, it makes an environment of sharing culture and better communication for the HR teams and related communities.

What Is HR Technology?

HR technology manages HR specialists to be more effective during work and provide a better employee experience. It securely keeps complete data, automates daily processes and analytics that provide operative stats and reports to improve business decision making phases. The system relies on HR technology to support various HR functions, such as payment processes, talent management, rewards, benefits, recruitment, employee communications, and performance management.

So, let’s take a look at the most important HR Tech Startups to rise in 2021.

Top HR Tech Startups and Scale-ups to Watch Out in 2021

1. Beamery

Beamery HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2014
  • Funds Raised: $112M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Founded in 2014, Beamery is a talent searching company that provides a recruitment-focused CRM that engages applicants who haven’t yet taken an application. Rather than classic job applications, Beamery focuses on relationships.

Values at least £92M, Beamery gives credit to a better way of gathering with future workforce for the companies. That is about building real connections and being comprehensive, and building qualified communities to develop brand streams.

2. Coople

Coople HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2009
  • Funds Raised: $84M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Founded in 2009, Coople is one of the largest HR tech startups with hundreds of thousands of workforce. Coople matches smart companies looking for a strong staff, with them looking to improve their skills with jobs that fit around them, it feeds workforce, hence the employee himself. Coople focuses on the long-term success of all their clients, while the applicants may access mobile offers and get paid weekly.

3. Hibob

Hibob HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2015
  • Funds Raised: $80M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Hibob is a management platform that focuses on holistic HR. Set in 2015, Bob helps to manage people and transform the workplaces. The company values £65M, but it also values HR tech in a complex digital environment which helps them grow fast. Personalized data modernises human resources in a digital platform; Hibob serves talents and job seekers a bright future.

4. Inploi

For Startups of London’s 16th episode, we met with the Inploi founders to chat about how they were adapting to the new normal after C19.

  • Founded: 2014
  • Funds Raised: £526.9K
  • Employee Number: 1-10

Founders Matthew de la Hey and Alex Hanson-Smith call Inploi a jobs network for London’s hospitality businesses. The HR tech startup has launched a string of new opportunities to the platform and positions it as the professional community to cope with the companies. The website interface has been designed so practically that it enables users to access the close companies with the job title, with the access of location services.

Looking for a job at London’s HR Tech startups and scale-ups?

Here you can download the free Job Market Insights Report and get a quick glimpse of most popular jobs, titles, salary ranges and skills that are in demand in London.

5. WhiteHat GB

WhiteHat GB HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2016
  • Funds Raised: $64M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

WhiteHat aims to accelerate incredible careers and build a selective group of future pioneers. Founded in 2016, the tech startup ensures young people have access to qualified, career-centred internships to experience. In addition, people interested in business, marketing, finance, technology and more can create their digital presence to apply the platform.

6. Peakon

Peakon HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2019
  • Funds Raised: $35M
  • Employee Number: 201-500

When you partner with Peakon, you gain access to a global community of companies passionate about taking a people-forward approach to business. 

Peakon’s Belong Community allows you to learn best practices and connect with HR leaders from some of the world’s leading organizations. You can also participate in discussion forums to get answers to FAQs, provide product feedback, and sign up for exclusive beta trials of upcoming features. Those interested in sharing their own expertise, from success stories to speak at world-class events, plus the firm’s Elevate program.

7. SalaryFinance

Salary Finance HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2015
  • Funds Raised: $33M
  • Employee Number: 201-500

Collaborates with long-sighted companies, SalaryFinance improves their employees’ financial wellness through smarter financial products like low-interest employee loans. Employees do the ultimate work when they feel supported and get trust for their projects. For that to happen, leadership must recognize the importance of the employee voice and consider it when shaping how the organization operates. Founded in 2015, SalaryFinance is one of the most credible leading platforms for employer loans.

8. JobLab (Stride)

In the first-ever episode of Startups of London, we put JobLab, now they have rebranded as, under the microscope to learn about their culture, business growth, software tools they depend on, and so on. Watch the video for more!

  • Founded: 2015
  • Funds Raised: £627M
  • Employee Number: 11-50

Also known as Stride, the project is about 6 years long from now on. Stride connects various talents and teams by helping them discover an impactful career in a business they would love.

Stride/JobLab is a case point HR tech platform for many reasons. It has become the first company to pay job seekers to hunt, rank the highest quality talent pool on the market, and have valuable experience hiring for scaling teams. Stride also allows employers to make confident hiring decisions with video introductions, screening and machine learning techniques. Stride’s community of over 40K job searchers who are actively interested in the most ambitious startups.

9. Qlearsite

Qlearsite HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2014
  • Funds Raised: £25M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Qlearsite serves employers to have the ability to get to know the employees in further detail. The HR tech is about people and their data to get in-depth stats of their professional background. 

Qlearsite advises users to comprehend the importance of sustainable value creation and gather informed people for successful companies.

10. Talentful

Talentful HR Tech
  • Founded: 2015
  • Funds Raised:
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Founded in 2015, Talent presents the world’s first personality-based job-seeking platform.

What makes them different is the working model they offer, as they prefer to work in-house, combining their expertise with the cultural understanding of those on the inside to help companies build the perfect teams. In fact, they also launched a new platform named “Insightful,” aiming to match ambitious talent to the best roles in tech companies, startups and scale-ups.


11. Syft App

  • Founded: 2015
  • Funds Raised: £24M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Syft is suitable for finding temporary and quick businesses which are more flexible than the traditional ones. Started in 2015, the company is acquired by Indeed in 2019 May. 

Syft is a leading UK startup in recruitment for hospitality, business, event management, retail, and facilities management to hire staff from time to time. The employee benefits rate very well based upon holiday pay, sick pay, and much more importantly, above industry-standard pay when rated.

12. Clear Review

Clear Review HR Tech Startup London
  • Founded: 2016
  • Funds Raised: €2.9M
  • Employee Number: 11-50

Founded in 2016, the startup raised a €2.9M Series A round in July last year and serves over 200 companies. The Londoner startup offers performance management software as a second option to annual appraisals. Its cloud-based setting concentrates on continuous employee-manager conversations, with short-term goals and real-time feedback, and provides the HR team with visibility and insight into key performance metrics for the employee.

13. Adzuna

Adzuna HR Tech Startup
  • Founded: 2010
  • Funds Raised: £32M
  • Employee Number: 51-200

Adzuna is an honest job search engine that keeps you out of many irrelevant job listings so the users can find a suitable one much faster.

The business differs by providing users access to every job, however, do not share their users’ data. Adzuna also has strong stats for salary tracking. Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro are the founders who met while working together in 2005. Launched in the UK in 2011, Adzuna now has more than 10M of visitors per month and are available worldwide from Sydney, West London, and Indianapolis.

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