Top Metaverse Startups in the UK

Metaverse magic is expanding rapidly. Facebook changed its name to Meta — a metaverse-focused corporation – to become the order to lead spearheading this technological shift effectively.

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer of Facebook, announced the brand name change at the annual developer conference Connect 2021 in October 2021. According to the update, Meta will be the following social media generation where users can connect, grow their businesses, play games, shop, engage in entertainment, or do anything else using the most advanced VR/AR technologies.

The Metaverse concept is still in its conceptual stage and represents the future of virtual reality. Metaverse is composed of the words meta and universe. Meta is derived from a Greek term that means “beyond.” In his 1992 novel Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson used the term metaverse to describe a computer-generated cosmos. This presently nonexistent virtual universe will be an immersive environment where users may interact, socialise, and collaborate by creating avatars. The Metaverse would be the next generation of the Internet and the expansion of visual reality into the virtual 3D world.

What are Metaverse Startups?

Metaverse is the most popular term in the worldwide technology industry. Metaverse startups are at the forefront of changing the digital world with immersive experiences in the future. Thousands of new enterprises that potentially disrupt the Metaverse industry are established every year.

Metaverse startups companies in the UK

Here are the leading Metaverse startups contributing to and investing in Metaverse Technology.

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Refractiv Limited

Top Metaverse Startups in the UK - Refractiv

At Refractiv, they are a team of creative innovators, technical sages, and inventive problem solvers passionate about what technology can achieve for you.

Refractiv thinks imaginatively about your internet requirements to deliver intelligent solutions to complex inquiries, and they get a real kick out of it. They create custom applications and deliver best-of-breed cloud, online, and mobile technologies, then integrate everything into a cohesive and efficient whole.

As a Google Cloud Partner, they have the expertise and track record to rapidly and seamlessly migrate your organisation to the “Cloud” and provide ongoing support. In addition, they offer sound guidance and assistance regarding technology, applications, and system integration.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink Infosystem was founded in 2011 and is a prominent mobile app development firm in London, India, and the United States. They also have sales offices in California, United States, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hyperlink InfoSystem is renowned for creating the most creative and visually appealing mobile applications and websites. They offer various customised mobile apps, websites, AR-VR, game, and blockchain development services. They have a trained crew, and our goods are designed to help your business develop. They believe in delivering services on schedule and without sacrificing quality.

Hyperlink Infosystem is a GESIA (Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association) and ISO 27001:2013-certified company.


Iteo provides business, technical, and creative services for the large-scale delivery of digital products and experiences. They have used our +10 years of experience to show the true potential of diverse business models and drive digital transformation within enterprises.

Iteo enables firms and SMEs to grow and transform into modern digital enterprises. Its mission is to assist enterprises worldwide in capitalising on the technological disruption that leads to economic success and sustainable growth.

Iteo provides complete end-to-end custom software services, ranging from strategic consultation, business analysis, customised workshops through digital product design, software development, quality assurance, and shipment, as well as SLA, maintenance, and product expansion.

Rejuvenate Productions

Top Metaverse Startups in the UK - rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Leeds. They collaborate with our clients on their digital solutions and digital marketing strategy. They employ a staff of devoted employees. Who is obsessed with web design and development. They are devoted to mobile, responsive web design, and application development. They assist our clients’ content, search, and social media marketing. Do you require videography? The Rejuvenate Production crew can produce, shoot, edit, and distribute through all digital channels.


Top Metaverse Startups in the UK - Elemeks

Eleks is the partner of choice for many of the world’s most successful businesses, SMEs, and technological problems. They assist organisations in increasing their value through specialised software development, product design, quality assurance, and consultancy.


Top Metaverse Startups in the UK - Intelivita

Intelivita is an online and mobile application development firm based in Leeds, United Kingdom. They had a modest beginning, beginning as a trio consisting of two founders and one full-time mobile app developer.
Almost a decade later, Intelivita has evolved into a worldwide renowned digital agency, recognised as a pioneer in online and mobile app development in the United Kingdom and beyond. From mobile app creation to eCommerce development, virtual reality app development, to augmented reality app development, they provide a comprehensive range of IT services backed by our most talented app developers.

Bottom Line

Our daily life is about to change with the fully-fledged application of the Metaverse. The user experience of AR/VR devices could be captivating still. It would also have a profound impact on society. People can even experience virtual travel using VR technology without being confined to a single space. Remote working would reach its next level. New job opportunities will come up because of new technology.

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