Top Networking Tips You Can Use While Working from Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is what you make of it. And it can be so much more than just another place to get work done. The potential for networking within a coworking space is one of the significant advantages. When done right, this networking can be low-key and feel as simple as conversing around the water cooler with new friends. Here are eight networking tips you should consider to do that:

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Strike Up Conversations and Be Conversational

All you need is a warm “Hi” and then maybe a coffee to build camaraderie with the coworker. Do note that networking is nothing without an engaging conversation. Hence this is one vital networking tip to flourish with your networking capabilities.

Spend Time in the Communal Areas

All coworking spaces have communal areas where you can spend time working or relaxing. Collaborative spaces make it easier to strike up conversations or share ideas because people tend to congregate in those areas looking to spend time with others. Move away from your desk and into shared spaces periodically during your day to enjoy more opportunities for connection and networking.

Take Breaks during the Day

It can be easy to dedicate your whole day to work as an entrepreneur. Eating at your desk or skipping breaks might feel more productive at the moment, but chances are you are missing out on valuable networking time by doing so. So instead, take breaks during the day. Head to the kitchen to get a snack. Invite a coworker to lunch. Stretch your legs in the common area. Make yourself available for conversations and connections that can transform your business more in the long run than simply working through every break.

Suggest a Work Trade

When you meet someone who offers you something you need, try swapping it for something that person needs. The benefit of this approach is that other coworking space members might hear about your services. For example, if you are a graphic designer and another member does public relations, suggest a swap of services. Then, everyone who sees her new business cards will learn that you designed them.

Share Knowledge and Past Experiences

You do not have to share your trade secrets, but sharing your knowledge can help a coworker and lead to future gains. You will likely be on the receiving end of helpful knowledge at some point. Sharing past experiences will also help you develop a connection with other coworkers who are at a similar stage regarding their business plan, their marketing goals, or their investment raising efforts.

Attend Coworking Events

Most coworking spaces offer events for members. These events are the perfect opportunity to know your coworkers in a more laid-back and fun environment. Events can make it easier to strike up conversations and connect with others, so make sure you attend at least some of these opportunities when they come up. You can also step up to be a guest speaker and give a small speech related to your niche. It improves the discoverability of your brand and the potential of generating business inquiries.

Host Your Coworking Event

If no workshops are happening in the co-workspace, an entrepreneur can organise one. It can be a small workshop that invites coworking companies to the same field. It elevates the brand promotion aspect too.

Show Excitement about Your Business

Enthusiasm is contagious. The more people can see the genuine interest you have in what you do, the more interested they will be in finding out more about you, your business, and potential opportunities to collaborate. 

Coworking spaces are much more than convenient places to do work. They are fortresses for collaboration, business development, and professional growth. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to network with other coworkers. Take time to talk to new people. Spend time in communal areas on your breaks. Build on the connections you make, be genuine, and be excited. You never know where a new partnership can take your business. So, make sure you have all these networking tips in mind and take any opportunity you may have. 

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