Top Podcast Awards in the UK

Are you aware of the Podcast Awards? For the top podcast awards in the UK, look no further than the Podcast Awards, hosted by the University of Lincoln and The British Podcasting Awards team every June. With categories like Best Newcomer, Best Production, and more, no doubt winning one of these​​ prestigious awards will launch your podcast to new heights on the UK podcasting circuit. So, grab your microphone and make sure you nominate yourself or your favorite show for the Podcast Awards before it’s too late!

Why Winning An Award Would Be Important For Podcast Show Owners?

Podcasting has been a growing industry for years, and there is no question it will continue to grow as more people start listening to podcasts on their phones. With that growth come awards and competitions with various categories celebrating new and exciting ideas. The Podcast Awards are a competition hosted by New Media Expo (NEM), which connects podcast listeners with content creators from all over. If you’re interested in podcasting and want to create an award winning podcast, here are some details about what these awards are and why winning an award would be necessary for your show owners.

Generally, podcasting does not get nearly as much funding and attention as mainstream radio formats. Having an award to display on your website could help convince sponsors and advertisers that investing in your show is worth their time and money.

Why are podcast awards contests so popular? There are quite a few reasons why podcast awards contests are popular among listeners and producers alike. First off, it helps fans find their next favorite podcast based on subjects they may already enjoy. Secondly, an award helps podcasters understand how well-received their program is beyond simple downloads since often downloads don’t always translate into profits.

The Best Podcast Award In The UK

Podcasts are great to listen to, and if you can find a good one, you’ll become hooked for sure. But finding a good podcast is like finding your dream job – it’s not always easy, and sometimes you have to search for what seems like an eternity before coming across something that fits all of your criteria. That was until now! The popularity of podcasts has grown immensely over recent years, with even big TV names such as Miranda Hart having made their shows to entertain their audience. So, whether it’s a business-related podcast or a new craze in cooking tips, there is something out there for everyone. There are some incredible podcast awards categories here in the UK too! These include Best Newcomer Awards (to reward excellence and innovation), comedy podcast awards (for laughs!), Podcast of the Year Awards (to honor those who make quality podcasts). You name it, and there’s an award category for it!

The Listeners Choice Award UK

Podcast Awards in the UK

The British Podcast Awards (BPAs) are run by Digital Radio UK and celebrate excellence across all genres of digital audio. Now into their fifth year, The BPAs has become a significant event for independent podcasts, with hundreds of nominations received from all over Europe each year. The shortlists for each category are decided by a combination of public votes and expert judges, who form an advisory panel to assist with categories that don’t have listeners’ choices at their core.

“The Listeners Choice” in the British Podcast Awards recognizes producers, broadcasters, and listeners across all genres. The award recognizes, rewards, and celebrates innovative content creation and engaging delivery that makes an indelible mark on digital radio listening. The Listeners Choice award is made up of four unique categories: Best Audio Comedy (under 30 minutes), Best Audio Documentary (under 30 minutes), Best Audio Drama (under 30 minutes), and Best Audio Entertainment Programs.

The GQ Best Review Podcast Awards

GQ is a British men’s magazine that published its first issue on 28 November 2000. It is published by Condé Nast Publications, which is based in London. The editor of GQ is Jim Nelson. Dan Wood (Content Director) and Alix Kemp (Deputy Editor) are also members of the editorial team.

This year, GQ received more nominations than ever before for its “Best Review Podcast Award,” and with good reason. It is hard to stand out in a competitive category that includes Dan Snow’s History Hit, The Guilty Feminist, and True Stories. GQ’s award-winning podcast You Need to Hear This has consistently shone with its insightful reviews of books, music, and culture, as well as witty banter between presenters.

Launched just three years ago, You Need to Hear This celebrates classic literature alongside critically acclaimed contemporary reads. Presenter Eric Molinsky’s passion for reading is infectious: he won’t read just anything, but when he does, he will give you his honest opinion whether you like it or not. Previous guests include Helen Oyeyemi and Anthony Horowitz—it doesn’t get much better than that!

The British Best Comedy Podcast Awards

The British Best Comedy Podcast Award is a not-for-profit award run by The British Comedy Guide. The BBA was launched in 2014 and recognized the outstanding achievement of podcasts and their creators. It is an annual awards ceremony that celebrates, promotes, and advocates for podcasting excellence across all genres.

Do you produce a podcast? Or are you a big fan of someone else’s? Then head on to the nominations page and nominate your pick for Best Newcomer, Best Regular Cast, Best Writing, or one of many other categories.

The Publisher Podcast Awards

The Publisher Podcast Award was created to help organizations find outstanding podcasts and reward their hard work with a certificate of excellence. The awards also highlight examples of exceptional podcasting that can be a source of inspiration for others to follow. The award will focus on narrative and/or creative use of podcasting, with submissions judged by an independent panel of expert judges from across different sectors.

As well as receiving recognition for their contribution, winners will gain valuable insights into how they could take things further, making them more employable or helping them secure investment opportunities. The publishers chosen as finalists for these awards have been selected by an independent judging panel of experts within audio production and podcasting, marketing professionals who have worked extensively with podcasts in recent years, and some long-time podcasters themselves.

The Best UK Sports Podcast Awards

The Best UK Sports Podcast Award recognizes great sports podcasts launched within the last two years. From cricket to cycling and athletics to swimming, it celebrates all disciplines of sports podcasting. More than 50 nominations were submitted for 13 categories, including Best Content, Best Interview, and Most Original Concept. Judged by a panel of industry experts, now find out who took home top honors!
Nowadays, individuals are in search of platforms where they can share their talents with a wider audience and at the same time gain worldwide popularity. Here is where The Best UK Sports Podcast Awards come in. Even amateur podcasters can compete against each other just like other sports participants do and then stand on podiums as they’ve done during their games. This is something unique! Being nominated for such recognition means hard work has paid off. It also means so much more—it gives you credibility and the confidence to continue doing your thing or get even better next year.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that audio is enjoying a renaissance in popularity. Podcasts are edging their way into mainstream media and advertising, with some figures suggesting that podcast listeners are more engaged than even TV viewers.

Binge listening (the practice of listening to multiple episodes of a podcast over a short period) may be reaching levels that rival TV viewing, which is remarkable given how new podcasts still are as an entertainment medium. And it’s not just mobile phones where you can find podcasts; they’re also available on computers, smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, YouTube, Facebook pages—and increasingly on social media platforms like Instagram. That makes them incredibly accessible; easy to find while you’re doing something else—whether it’s driving or ironing or cooking dinner.

On the other hand, the scope of recognition has lit the fire. The Podcast Awards have made the podcasters more inclined towards podcasting, and they know this is an excellent opportunity for them in these present days to shine.