Top 10 Software Companies in Bristol

The world is the presence of technology on the edge of global change. Software widely dominates every important industry in businesses, companies and the world. Bristol is one of the largest cities in the UK with the growth of high-tech companies impacting start-ups and existing businesses.

We have compiled a list of top software companies in Bristol, UK, with in-depth analytics to help you find the right technology vendor to support your business.

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Helastel is a specialist custom software developer and IT consultancy based in the tech city of Bristol, founded in 2004 by Louri Prokhorov. At Helastel, digital solutions are built for organisations with complex IT problems, fuelling growth and efficiency. With over 18 years of experience, Helastel is known as a design-led software developer with its speciality in IT services which includes smart software development, professional IT consultancy, innovative data management solutions and IT infrastructure services.

  • Address: Helastel Ltd, Queens Quay, 33 – 35 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4LU, UK
  • Contact no: +44 (0) 117 3830 380



XCD is the most popular fast evolver cloud platform that is proprietarily owned. It is a cloud-based HR salesforce platform founded in 2010 by Chris Mitford-Slade. XCD is a simple configured online self-service system portal for HR visionaries in ambitions and startup firms. It’s designed to keep all data and processes in one place. It’s a single HR and payroll solution on the salesforce platform which removes the risk of integrations and provides online self-service software for organisations. The solution can succeed as a standalone system or merge into an existing salesforce account.

  •  Address: 29, St. Augustines Parade Bristol, BS1 4UL, UK
  •  Contact no: +44 (0) 800 0432923

Impact IT Solutions

Impact IT Solutions​

Impact IT Solutions is a professional IT support company founded in January 2004 by Rikin Patel. Impact IT solutions based in Bristol, the UK provides IT solutions, support and managed services to businesses across the Southwest region and it’s recognised as the top choice for organisations looking for a professional and proactive partner. For startups, small/large scale businesses or multinational organisations, IT support packages to support the needs of clients including telecom, web design, hosting and software development. The solution expert team offers remote monitoring, break-fix and on-site repair support to businesses in the UK. 

  • Address:   Unit 27B & 28B, Osprey Court, Hawkfield Business Park Bristol, BS14 0BB, UK  
  • Contact no: +44 (0)117 2020 200

Assured Digital


Assured Digital is a digital transformation specialist based in Bristol UK founded in 2020. Assured Digital combines the experience and expertise of established IT solutions providers, MDS technologies and Bristol IT company. The group delivers a comprehensive suite of flexible, agile and scalable digital transformation and managed IT solutions to government, public and private SME organisations. They specialise in system design, IT consultancy, security, cloud, managed IT, Microsoft 365 and IT support. 

  • Address: The Quorum, Bond Street South, Bristol BS1 3AE, UK 
  • Contact no : +44(0)330 055 2678


Brightpearl is an Omnichannel retail management platform for inventory management, order processing and fulfilment, contact relationship management and accounting automation. Founded in 2007 by Chris Tanner and Andrew Mulvenna with its headquarter in Bristol UK. The platform offers flexibility to respond to rapid changes in demand with plug-and-play integrations, and intuitive planning and takes care of an entire multichannel retail platform. Brightpearl can be deployed in the cloud, saas, windows and any web-based platform.

  • Address: 25 Marsh St, Bristol BS1 4AQ, UK
  • Contact : +44 (0)117 981 7361



Calvium is an inventing digital agency combining expertise in experience design, software engineering and mobile innovations. It was founded in 2009 by Richard Hull. They are experts in designing and developing robust mobile, web applications and platforms that deliver business-critical services and engaging customer experiences. Calcium builds and sustains relationships with clients by making sure their needs are understood and met thus ensuring that maximum value is brought to their business.

  • Address: First Floor, Mariner House, 62 Prince St, Bristol BS1 4QD, UK 
  • Contact no: +44 (0)117 226 2000



NewIcon is a design-led software development company passionate about building world-class software, website and game-changing digital experiences. Founded on August 14, 2006, by Steve O’Brien. It was founded to help companies take advantage of new connected technology. The mission of NewIcon is to empower people to use software to automate, deliver insights and power positive change by helping companies innovate, design and build new technologies and power success in a connected world.

  • Address: Runway East 1 Victoria St Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6AA, UK  
  • Contact : +44 (0) 117 205 0425

SN systems


SN systems also known as Spiny Norman Systems, is a software technology company founded in 1990 by Martin Day and Andy Beveridge. It’s an electronics engineering and video game development hardware company that has produced these development hardware tools over the years. 

  • PSY-Q Development system (mega drive)
  • PSY-Q Development system (megaCD)
  • PSY-Q CD Emulation system (megaCD)
  • PSY-Q Development system (32x)
  • PSY-Q Development system (Saturn).
  • Address: 1st Floor – Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AD, UK
  • Contact: +44 (0)117 929 9733



MyOxygen is a bespoke web and mobile app developer founded in 2001 by Andrew Farmer. The team consists of a highly talented set of designers, developers, strategists and engineers and strategists with a shared passion for everything mobile app development, digital strategy and UX/UI design. At MyOxygen, the goal isn’t to build apps but to understand what the client needs by building a partnership to achieve an optimal and business-changing solution.

  • Address:  Queen Square House, 18-21 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4NH, UK
  • Contact: +44(0) 845 121 3777

Xor system


Xor system is one of the topmost digital transformation consultancy led by innovation and specialisation in IIOT and edge computing. It was founded in 1998 to help companies/businesses to design their products from scratch. They have a large range of talents from digital hardware to software to software design and mechanical design. Xor’s innovative ideas and solutions are assisting businesses throughout different corporations from agriculture to manufacturing to environmental monitoring and marine to reduce challenges of virtual transformation and adapt their activities and tasks to the needs of industry 4.0. 

  • Address: Dirac Cres, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7FR, UK
  • Contact: +44 ( 0) 117 369 2998


With this detailed list of the top software companies, We hope you find a reputable tech vendor to cater for your needs.