Top Startup Competitions in the UK

The startup pitch competition has become an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey for many aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a great way for startups to gain visibility and resources to take their business to the next level.

In 2023, the top startup pitch competitions will be even more competitive than ever before. With an increasing number of startups entering the market, entrepreneurs will have to think strategically about how best to present their business ideas to stand out from the crowd and secure funding or other support. We will see some of the biggest names in venture capital and angel investors taking part in these events, offering invaluable advice and guidance on how best to optimize a startup’s chances of success.

Looking for funding to launch your startup? Find out which top pitch competitions in 2023 could give you the boost you need.

What Are the Startup Pitch Competitions

Growing Business Awards

The 26th annual Growing Business Awards in partnership with Real Deals are the most credible and highly valued recognition of exceptional growing businesses. This year’s awards celebrate the strength, vision and resilience of fast-growing SMEs – these are the accolades that UK SMEs really want to win!

Since 1998, the Growing Business Awards have been bringing together and honouring some of the UK’s most outstanding entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses. Consistent high-quality nominees, numerous categories and a finely-honed judging process have ensured the Growing Business Awards have made a name for themselves as a leading judge of past, current and future entrepreneurial success.

The Growing Business Awards have 27 categories which celebrate UK business achievements over the last 12 months in areas including HR, diversity and customer loyalty, disruption, technology, and innovation to name a few.

If you are one of our finalists, we ask you to attend our judging day in London in September to sit in front of a panel of industry-leading judges for a 20-minute interview. The winners will be announced at our awards ceremony taking place in November in London.

Shell LiveWIRE Awards

Shell LiveWIRE is the flagship enterprise development programme of Shell, with the vision to strengthen local economies by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment.

Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

The National Business Awards is the UK’s top-tier, cross-industry award celebrating business excellence. We look for companies that have demonstrated outstanding business practices across 15 categories.

Is the UK a good place for startups?

The UK is a great place for entrepreneurs to launch their startups. With its strong economy, plentiful funding opportunities, and supportive business culture, the UK provides the perfect environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. From incubators and accelerators to government grants and tax incentives, the UK has plenty of resources available to help startups succeed.

The Benefits of Attending Startup Pitch Competitions in UK

The United Kingdom is a hub for innovative and creative startups. With the help of startup pitch competitions, these entrepreneurs can showcase their ideas to potential investors and partners. Attending such events can be a great way for entrepreneurs to network, learn from their peers, and gain exposure for their businesses. Additionally, these competitions offer invaluable feedback from industry experts that can be used to refine and improve business plans.

How Can You Win Startup Pitch Competitions in the UK?

Presenting a startup pitch in the UK is no easy task. It requires creativity, research and coaching to make sure your pitch stands out and can help you win. With the right strategy and preparation, it is possible to succeed in these competitions and get the recognition you deserve for your hard work. In this article, we will discuss how to win startup pitch competitions in the UK by following best practices and focusing on key elements of a successful pitch.


The UK is a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs. Several startup competitions offer budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ideas, network with other founders, and potentially secure funding. These competitions are great sources of inspiration, knowledge, and opportunity that can help startups reach their full potential.