Top Startup Events & Conferences You Should Attend in the UK

Top Startups Events & Conferences in UK

Startups have become the lifeblood of the global economy and innovation in various industries that startups are setup and progressed. With the norm being the majority of startups failing, those that are persistent end up successful and provide new jobs, new products, create dreams, and disrupt various industries.

Facebook was one of the startups that disrupted and shaped the online social industry to what it has become. New startups like Curve based in London are likely to revolutionize the banking industry by amalgamating all bank cards under one platform.

Early inception of new startups and raw unpublished information can be found in startup events and conferences. If you are an investor or blogger in the UK, online startup events in the UK are the best places to begin consolidating your information.

Below are some online startup conferences organized in the UK:

Startup Summit

Startup Summit

The summit is scheduled for October 2021 and is an online event that aims in educating participants on the intrigues of startups. However, this event will be tailored to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. The conference entails seasoned speakers from startups that have already made it in the industry.

Startup Grind Global

Startups events are going online to reach a wider network and conform to the realities of the coronavirus. Startup Grind Global is scheduled to hold its conference from February 22-25 in 2021.

The Business Show

This unmissable event on the 24th and 25th of November in the Excel, London places thousands of online sellers, suppliers, and buyers from across the globe all under one roof, ensuring that our attendees leave full of inspiration and ready to take the industry by storm! You can take advantage of free advice and consultations, helping you to secure the best deals and take your business to the next level. 

Moreover, with industry specialists delivering keynote speeches on their wealth of business knowledge this event is not to be missed. This is the ultimate destination for thousands of global leaders, entrepreneurs, online sellers, retailers and distributors, to come together with countless business, e-commerce and start-up owners.

Women in Business Expo

The conference can be segmented as online startup events in the UK. It is dated from October 13th to 14th 2021. The event is focused on women at any stage of their professional lives. Women in society may face twice as many challenges when compared to men. The conference aims to level the playing field in women’s’ professional lives.

Food Entrepreneur Show

Food Entrepreneur Show

Some startup events like FES are focused on startups in the food and drink industry. The event will be held between 15th and 16th June 2021. Startups in the food and beverage industries are popular especially with businesses in the industry going online.

Google for Startups

Google for Startups

Google for Startups is an online platform provided by Google to host online startup events not date-specific but geared towards helping different startups address their challenges. The platform has gone fully virtual because of the realities of the pandemic.

The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN)

TEN is an online platform that offers virtual speakers in the globe pegged to different industries likely to influence startups in their different stages of development. For instance, speakers would speak on the changing legislation and how it would affect startups.

The Startup Club - Fashion Tech Pitch Night

The Startup Club Fashion Tech Event

The third edition of the Fashion Tech Pitch Night, organised by The Startup Club, matches fashion startups to industry-specific advisors and investors while providing opportunities for the general participants to interact. Startups will be able to get valuable feedback and network with other participants in the audience.

Here you can join the SOL Online Entrepreneur Community and stay connected with the startup founders, entrepreneurs and business owners who exchange innovative ideas and share market opportunities in one platform. 

The Startup Club Presents The Green Tech Forum

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