Top Startup Growth Reports to Follow in 2022

The world may be a better place if you had a brilliant idea. Potentially multi-billion-dollar businesses could be formed around this idea. Anyone is capable of launching a startup. Startups have become the most popular business model in the world, according to a recent study. Entrepreneurs create new products and services every year. These products are the result of creative and ambitious entrepreneurs who have fantastic ideas.

Startups conjure up ideas of high-flying startups with strong track records of rapid growth. As a matter of fact, not every new business endeavour is an immediate financial success. Only a sliver of the picture is being painted since the losers aren’t being discussed.

It’s important to know all the facts, not just the favourable ones if you want your startup to succeed. Here are some key figures, facts, and reports to help you better understand the startup environment, which we’ve decided to share with you in these market growth reports.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report 2022

With this startup growth report, you can find out which of the world’s top 100 countries and 1,000 cities have the strongest startup ecosystems and startup growth stages.

For this, visit the StartupBlink PRO page for more information on the data and analysis that went into this study. More information about the rankings, the raw data we used to feed the algorithm, and a customised ecosystem study of your location can all be found there.

You can also take a look at the leading cities and nations in each major area. Learn about the world’s finest ecosystems in 11 different industries, including banking, edtech, food tech, and more. Thanks to this report, Become familiar with our methodology and rating algorithm, which includes both internal and external sources.

Let’s learn about some of the most innovative startup environments in the world and what makes them special.

Unicorns Of India: Decoding India’s 100 Unicorns Report 2022

New firm launches, acceptance of digital services, and substantial funding have all contributed to the growth of India’s startup industry, which has now reached this landmark. In this startup growth report, you can find information about these highlights below and have a look at the summary:  

Over the next three years, India’s startup ecosystem is likely to see the entry of more than 150 new unicorns.

Indian firms who have made it into the unicorn club have been analysed in a report titled “Unicorns Of India,” which also highlights 100 more Indian startups that are on track for unicorn status in the next three years.

Find out more about Indian startups in-depth with this report

MENA Q1 2022 Venture Investment Report

An in-depth look at the Middle East and North Africa’s venture capital and funding investment space is provided in this quarterly growth report.

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) VC investment trends over the past five years, with an emphasis on 2022 country and industry performance benchmarks. You can reach the Top 20 investor ranking, along with the business type and HQ analysis of all investment firms in the region. Also top 20 startup funding rounds that were closed during this time period, along with their total ticket size splits, as well as the top 10 MENA-based startup exits.

For investors who want to keep tabs on startup activity, consultants who want to spot emerging trends in technology innovation, and government agencies looking for funding, the MENA Venture Investment Report is a great resource.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022

GSER 2022 rates the world’s top 30 and 10 runner-up ecosystems, as well as a top 100 of developing ecosystems. The startup ecosystems of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, North America, and Oceania are all evaluated independently.

Over 3 million enterprises from 280+ entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems are included in this comprehensive study of startups.

Justos co-founder Dhaval Chadha offers advice to budding entrepreneurs on how to prepare for obtaining capital. Chairman of Renewal Funds, Joel Solomon, addresses the significance of starting your firm with ideals in alignment.

Researcher Matthias Qian and Professor Mari Sako of Sad Business School study the benefits and drawbacks of diverse startup teams. Startup support director Damilola Teidi-Ayeola at CCHub talks about how important it is for founders to build and seek out community.

The European Unicorn & Soonicorn Map 2022

To compete with Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge technology, European tech businesses have risen to prominence. With four times as many digital startups valued at more than $1 billion in the US, Europe is catching up quickly and producing more unicorns than the US ever has.

Europe presently has 130 unicorns, which have produced more than 135,000 employment and a combined value of more than €370bn, after 84 new unicorns were founded in 2021.

Companies hoping to catch up to unicorns may have already made it, but what about the others?

It is the uni- and soonicorns of Europe that are the focus of this study since they have an impact that extends far beyond Europe’s borders. In addition to summarising the current situation, it also provides a forecast for the months and years to come!

Startups in Greece

Found.ation and EIT Digital’s report contains a look at Greece’s ten most successful businesses and exits, both in the last year and throughout the country’s history. Presents the financing environment, the independent funds, and the companies that obtained the capital from these funds.

The report investigates and draws important findings on the pre-and seed-stage features and development of local start-ups, as well as contains viewpoints from investors, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the startup community.

The top ten Greek startups raised €397m this year, more than three times what they raised the year before.

Over the past year, more than €500m has been invested in over 700 businesses, a 30 per cent increase over the previous year.

The year of 2021 also saw a number of high-profile company exits, with three of them making it into the top ten of all time. In addition, we were able to locate the first Greek-born “Unicorns” in this year.

Investors from outside Greece now account for an astonishing 84,9% of Greek company investment rounds, demonstrating the health of Greece’s local ecosystem and laying the foundation for future extroversion.


These reports will open new doors and provide critical information along with useful data to analyse the current situation. From the highlights in the reports, as we look back on the previous year’s startup ecosystem, we examine a variety of factors: funding, founders, innovative business models, the industries in which venture capitalists are looking for new investment opportunities, and patterns in the use of technology.