Top Table Ordering Apps and Systems for Venue Owners

The recent restrictions due to COVID-19 has left so many businesses in crisis. Placing a limit on the number of customers each store should have at a time is not good for business and even without the restrictions, people are too afraid to leave their houses due to fear of the virus. This leaves businesses struggling to survive. It reduces the turnover for businesses while increasing their costs.

Paying employees even in the face of the financial crisis spells doom for small businesses. To adapt, many of them resorted to laying off employees. For businesses that can afford to provide online services, it is an opportunity to explore the world of technology. Restaurants with online ordering are becoming popular as restaurant owners have figured out that this is the easy way to survive.

Restaurant business is a fast booming business that attracts multiple entrepreneurs and investors. Who doesn’t eat? Some restaurants experience a heavy customer in-flow and most times, they do a bad job at handling them that they either end up losing sales or delivering poor customer service. To combat this, tech entrepreneurs who knew how to help food entrepreneurs get their jobs done developed table ordering software. This software increases efficiency and customer satisfaction, thus no need worrying about losing sales or having customers give that most dreaded poor review.

The table ordering system is an order and pay app that enables bars, pubs and restaurants to allow customers order drinks and food to their table without standing up. The era of screaming for the attention of the waiter has passed and the era of having the waiter wait for endless hours while a customer spends so much time deciding what to eat has ended. Why have your restaurant look crowded when you can avoid it.

There are several drink ordering apps for bars UK and restaurant table ordering systems designed to aid business owners in the UK. Below is a list of top 6 table ordering apps UK.

Table Ordering Systems & Apps

Round App

Round app - food and rink ordering - table ordering app uk-min

Round App was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Brighton. The UK’s leading table ordering app offers people access to their favorite local and national brands without them having to download each app individually. Customers can easily place orders in pubs, cafes and restaurants across the country without contact with the staff. It is an easy way to increase customer spending while keeping the staff safe. 


Hungrr table and food ordering app uk-min

Headquartered in Dundee city, UK, Hungrrr has about 11 to 50 employees and was founded in 2015. It provides an innovative way for restaurants, hotels and venue owners to control their customer orders. It offers customers a website and mobile app to order their foods. Hungrrr was founded by David Rankine who partnered with Criton in 2020 to help hoteliers digitize their interactions with guests without reducing their turn over. The COVID-19 rush doubled the customer intake of Hungrrr as restaurants and hotels found reasons to sign up for Hungrrr online ordering, delivery and takeaway system. Hungrrr offered a free set-up system and reduced introductory rate for the duration of the COVID-19 induced crisis to enable hotels and restaurants to adapt. 


Qtap table and food ordering app for venues uk-min

With Qtap, customers can book tables and place orders without contact with staff. It was founded in 2017 by Craig Pollock and David Downs to save customers from the stress of queuing for food and drinks. It was relaunched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help customers visit venues while maintaining social distancing. Users can order for food and drinks from table service and beer gardens or order to a collection point. It helped restaurants reopen during COVID-19 crisis. It also shows people venues near their locations. This online order system is one of the few table ordering apps that offers real time push notifications at each stage of the order so customers can track their orders and get notified when it is accepted. 

Pour My Beer

Pour My Beer table ordering app was founded by Josh Goodman in 2008. It is a drink ordering app for bars in the UK. With its headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois, Pour My Beer provides self serve beer dispensing machines for hotels, pubs, and bars. With this software, business owners can run their businesses more efficiently while spending less on staff due to less staffing. 


Posso food and drink ordering-min

Founded in 2020, the Posso table ordering app UK may be what your restaurant needs to boom. To use this app, customers have to scan the QR code placed on the table, select the food they want and pay online. There is also an option to pay at the counter. The kitchen receives the order and delivers the food requested to the table. Posso is a great app for restaurants with online ordering that integrates one back office with an online order system. 


atlacarte group chat based table ordering system

Originally founded in Dublin in 2015, but brought to market in late 2019 as Covid-19 made its presence known, Atlacarte is an incredibly easy-to-use group ordering app that ensures your food and drink ordering experience is as efficient, speedy, and stress-free as possible.

Creator Onur Simsek shared that he was inspired to develop a complete order-to-table solution to help venues handle more orders in an efficient way.

Their mission is to make your business more efficient in your own unique way such as allowing customers to interact with your business by chat.

OrderPay App

OrderPay table ordering app-min

This app was founded by Richard Carter in 2019. It provides a seamless ordering and payment experience to customers. One unique feature of this app is that it offers clients the opportunity to split the bill before or after placing an order. It aims at helping businesses without online ordering resources to allow takeaway alcohol using traditional transactions. It is very simple for local businesses to use and can be accessed using tablet or android.