TUBR, the Mobile App Making More Space for You on the London Underground

TUBR is the mobile app that helps you navigate the busy times on the London Underground. Pre-Covid, our commutes to and from work were crowded and uncomfortable. TUBR’s Founder & CEO, Dash Tabor, was tired of a crowded commute and hated finding her personal space invaded day after day. So she experimented with slightly different travel times and realized a few minutes here or there could mean a completely different experience. So she started to wonder, why can’t data solve this problem for me and why isn’t there an app for that? Covid-19 has drastically changed the commuter space. As we emerge from lockdown, Londoners want to regain their sense of freedom and feel comfortable on public transport around the city, but the need for more space on public transport still weighs heavily on people’s minds. TUBR hopes to alleviate the stresses of Tube travel through a simple design that shows users how busy a station or train is and suggests the best time to step out of the house.

Getting Ready for the “New Normal”

While it feels like another lifetime ago, it’s impossible to forget those jam-packed commutes to and from the office. So whether you’re a “sitter,” an aisle stander, a crowd crammer or one of the lucky ones who can sit on the bench and wait for the perfect train, TUBR will help you plan the scenario you’re most comfortable with. TUBR analyzed years of crowding trends and the events which impact them to build a unique Machine Learning technology, which predicts down to the minute how people move on the London Underground. The predictions continue to improve the more you use the app, and the feedback that users provide within the app ensures quick adjustments always to deliver the most accurate results.

How Are We Different from Other Apps?

TUBR isn’t a typical journey planner. Its mission is to offer users the best experience possible on public transport. TUBR will get you from point A to point B, providing you with the crowding information you need along the way. It’s building a community of riders to ensure to get it right!

We’re Just Getting Started! 

Having launched in January 2021, TUBR is just getting started! There are lots of exciting new features planned to continue to make your journeys as painless as possible. Some of these features include the ability to select the quietest route, individualized suggestions for when to travel, the expansion to other modes of transport, and the Android app, launching at the end of March/early April. Have a suggestion that will make your journey experience better? Drop a line to dash@getTUBR.com