UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have In 2024

The article lists and describes nine essential parking apps for UK drivers in 2024, highlighting their ability to ease the often frustrating experience of finding parking in busy areas by offering features like advanced filters, space availability indicators, and integration with navigation apps​​. A practical note for readers: selecting a parking app that aligns with your specific needs, such as the desire for electric charging points or the need to rent out your own space, can greatly enhance the convenience of urban driving.

Parking can be a nightmare in the UK’s metropolises, especially during peak hours. Finding a suitable spot within a reasonable distance to your final destination and the additional—also literal—price you have to pay may cause painful experiences. However, like most of the time, technology comes for a rescue. In this article, we gathered must have parking apps if you are living in the UK.

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UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- AppyParking

With its user-friendly interface, AppyParking is one of the best parking apps out there. It offers both on and off-street parking spaces with UK-wide coverage. In addition, you can use their carefully designed filters to search for various parking options such as disabled and motorcycle bays, electric charging points, and so much more. With the Google StreetView bonus, AppyParking is a multi-functional and smart app you must have.

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UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- Parkopedia

Parkopedia is one of the largest parking solutions out there that operates in 89 countries, including the UK. The app colour codes each parking space according to its price and lets you integrate its location with navigation apps on your phone. Its filters also include various parking options.


UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- RingGo

RingGo, the largest mobile phone parking payment company in the UK, is primarily known for its user-friendliness. It allows its users to pay for parking without the need for changes. Although it’s not a multi-functional app, it offers simple map search with colour-coded live availability. This app is a must-have for anyone who drives cars in the UK.


UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- JustPark

What is unique about JustPark is that it lets you rent your unused parking space such as private parking, garage or driveway and allows you to pick the time of the space availability. It also allows you to book parking spots and pay them in advance. One downside is that it does not have as wide a selection of parking options as others.


As the name suggests, PayByPhone provides an easy and convenient way for paying. With the unique code that the app gives you, you’ll never forget where you parked your car. After going through their smooth payment process, you can select an option to be notified via text message when your parking session expires.


UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- Parkmobile

Parkmobile is among the popular apps that provide a variety of parking spaces, such as on-street and off-street parking in London. The selection process is helpful since you can search through parking spaces according to availability, space quality, and price. One downside is it has a lengthy registration process.


UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- YourParkinSpace

YourParkingSpace is one of the best parking space apps with useful features like allowing its users to rent out their parking spaces and private driveways. While it may not be appropriate for all sorts of parking spots, it lets you park your car for a little longer period if you need to. This app is overall a convenient one for busy parking spaces.


UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- ParkMe

Even though it was developed originally for the American market, ParkMe can be found in 15,000 cities, including the UK. One downside is that it doesn’t cover as many parking options as them compared to other parking apps on the list. On the other hand, overall, it’s a very user-friendly app with a smart interface. It also comes with a helpful feature, allowing users to mark their location and set a timer to track down the period they parked their car. This app is nice to have on your radar because there is a lot of promise for development.

NCP ParkPass App

UK’s Top 9 Parking Apps You Need to Have- NCP

The NCP ParkPass app is one of the essential apps you should have if you live in London. “​​The easy way to park and pay” is their slogan and goal; they provide a convenient way to park and pay for over 250 of their car parks. It pinpoints the nearest NCP parking place with helpful information such as the price and availability of the parking space. It also allows you to record the location of your car.


Although there are many to choose from, all of them are here to make your life easier when it comes to parking effortlessly. You can select different apps according to your needs and find the best deals all around the city. When you are too tired to use your car, you can look for the best ride-hailing services and taxi apps in the UK.