VC-Backed Startup HomeHero is revolutionising the home

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste on household admin? Imagine if someone could do it all for you, meet ​HomeHero​.

The concept of HomeHero grew out of Founder & CEO Kenny’s frustrations with the time wasted managing a home. ​He found​ that the moving in process was slow, time-consuming and stressful. Since time is arguably the most important commodity, finding a way to give some of it back is what sparked the idea.

So what is HomeHero?

Homehero is a VC-backed startup transforming how people manage their homes. The native app helps users manage their bills and household services, leaving you more time for what really matters. This could include setting up energy bills, organising a weekly cleaner, or requesting an emergency plumber. The app also brings users closer to their neighbourhoods by offering a concierge-like experience, recommending local hotspots from the best yoga class to secret rooftop bars.

The HomeHero team is growing quickly – and globally – and has exciting plans for further expansion. 2020 has required businesses, specifically young startups, to evolve and adapt in so many ways. The HomeHero team has recently decided to become a remote-first organisation. The entire team shifted from the Shoreditch HQ to working remotely across the globe, with no plans to return to an office.

Set to launch later this year, HomeHero is defining a new category called ‘Home as a Service’, pulling together all the different service needs around the home onto one platform.

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