VR Therapy Solutions: CUREOSITY

Germany-based CUREosity is a medtech startup revolutionizing the therapy landscape through innovative virtual reality (VR) solutions. The company’s flagship product, CUREO, combines VR and gamification with cutting-edge neuroscientific insights to create effective and engaging therapy programs. These programs are designed for use in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neuropsychology, offering versatile applications for individuals with sensorimotor, cognitive, and perceptual impairments.

The Inspiration Behind CUREosity

CUREosity was founded by Thomas Saur, Stefan Arand, and Marco Faulhammer, inspired by personal challenges. In 2000, Thomas Saur’s infant son suffered from paraplegia following a car accident, and existing rehabilitation methods were insufficient. The other co-founders faced similar challenges, motivating them to create a new form of therapy that integrates their therapeutic experiences with modern technologies and neuroscientific findings.

The founders bring extensive technical expertise in 3D visualization, VR, and the creation of application concepts in IT and science sectors. Their combined technical skills and personal motivations led to the foundation of CUREosity and the development of CUREO.

What is CUREO?

CUREO is a comprehensive VR therapy system now in use in nearly 200 therapeutic facilities across 24 countries. It offers a wide range of applications in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neuropsychology, and can be used in group settings or parallel sessions to optimize staff resources and provide more therapy to patients. According to the company, 84% of stroke patients using CUREO show clinically relevant progress, and 95% are motivated to continue their therapy.

Recent Funding Milestone

CUREosity has secured €3.8 million in growth financing, increasing its total funding to over €8.4 million. The latest funding round included investments from existing investor TechVision Fund (TVF), the Belgian family office Nomainvest, and other new co-investors, with legal support from ADVANT Beiten and Forvis Mazars. This influx of capital will enable CUREosity to further advance its innovative solutions and expand its market presence, solidifying CUREO’s leadership in VR therapy.

Investor Insights

Björn Lang, Partner at TVF, emphasized the societal importance of CUREosity’s solutions:

“CUREOSITY solves the problem of the shortage of skilled workers in the field of therapy. Especially due to demographic change, smart solutions like CUREO® are highly relevant to society. We look forward to participating in the solutions and successes in the future.”