What Would a Gym for the Mind Look Like?

Welcome to the Mental Fitness Podcast! Today’s entrepreneurs are mental athletes who have to know about the mind and keep it fit. Our goal is to increase our resilience against stress and anxiety; optimise our productivity, motivation, and optimism by learning about the human mind through psychology, neuroscience, and human behaviour.

I am your host – Ozan. I am a founder who has experienced the challenges of launching and growing a business and a keen student of human behaviour over the last 15 years. I will share with you what I know and have learned.

Hundreds of impactful behaviour-changing ideas are waiting to be discovered.

Let’s begin!

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What we have in this episode of Mental Fitness Podcast:

We imagine what a gym for the mind would look like and discover some analogies between mental and physical growth. In the next episodes, we will go deeper into different topics. Such as;

  • Learning & Memory (Cardio)
  • Emotion & Perception (Core & Balance)
  • Sleep (Recovery & Nutrition)
  • Problem-solving & Critical Thinking (Strength Training)
  • Resilience & Uncertainty Tolerance & Motivation (Endurance Training)

Sports and games are ways for us to exercise, but when it comes to mental health, or rather – mental fitness, I don’t think we are showing that effort as consciously as we can. In the end, this comes back down to a certain theme, and that theme is through neuroscience, through what psychology has discovered so far, through cognition behaviour. Finally, all of them are beginning to piece together about the human brain. It is just the beginning of this journey.

I have been looking into this field for the last 15 years and even in this short amount of time, what I have learned is truly astonishing! So the core idea behind why I wanted to start this podcast is that I would like to share what I think is valuable; what I think is useful especially for the entrepreneurs, but actually, it is for anyone who is creating something, who is building something, who is looking for ways to optimise their productivity, their mental well-being, their mental fitness, mental health and of course their happiness.

Entrepreneurship is a true test of mental toughness. How do we understand the mind better to optimise it for the performance and well-being of an entrepreneur? Is it like a marathon, or is it a sprint? How do we refuel our minds? How do we do the rest and recover if we have a mental injury or trauma? If there is a certain situation which is quite difficult to digest, how do we overcome that? How do we body up the role of partners in mental health? How is an entrepreneur’s brain different from someone with a day job? How do we appreciate the true role of chance?

Up Next...

We will get into more details off in the coming episodes, and these are some of the ideas I am excited to share with you in the coming episodes. So I will see you at the next one. Thank you for tuning in, and be sure to subscribe if you think this is for you. Take care!

Each week, I will be covering a new topic for you in the mental health fitness podcast. Stay tuned!

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