Why Do Startups Need Flexible Work Spaces More Than Ever? with Laura Beales & Jules Robertson, Co-Founder Tally Workspace [#Podcast 55]

This week on the SOL Podcast our guests were Laura Beales and Jules Robertson, Co-Founders of Tally Workspace. Covid’s transformative effect on the working environment led to the realization that many work spaces were not aligned with the needs of workers and companies. In this episode, we discuss Tally Workspace’s quest to rectify just that.

Tally Workspace is a felixable and low-cost workplace solution that aims to provide everyone with a better way to work. They oppose to the notion that you can either work from home or an office and believe hybrid working is the future. So, they provide meeting rooms, hot desks, private offices as well as lots of alternative spaces to book. 

Work Spaces: How Does Tally Workspace Contribute?

Since most people work from home now, we started our conversation by asking whether we still need co-working spaces. We discussed some of the reasons that make co-working spaces necessary. What are the advantages of places like Tally Workspace have over other long-term office solutions? Are you aware of all the opportunities that a co-working space can provide? Laura and Jules told us about all the different rooms and spaces Tally Workspace has. 

Then, the topic our of chat turned to their journey as a startup. How did Tally Workspace start? Have they pivoted? What kind of a role the pandemic had during the process? We also focused on the founders individual journeys! How did they come together to start Tally Workspace? How are they finding being founders? What did they learn from being a founder? What were some surprises?

We didn’t leave out the part about how they handle leadership. We asked about their leadership style and dynamics when it comes to managing the team and the organisation. What management tools and systems do they have in place? What is their communication style? How do they manage when things don’t go as planned?

How they manage when things don’t go as planned, the ways of navigating the market and alternatives to take advantage of before fundraising also can be found amongst the things we spoke about. If you like to be privy to the insights Laura and Jules kindly shared with us, we invite you to check out the episode above!