Your Best Friend is Taken Care of by Entrusted People with Billur Buran & Piril Buran, Co-Founder PawsApp [#Podcast 65]

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a twin? How about doing business with your twin? In this episode of the SOL Podcast, we welcome twin co-founders Billur and Pırıl Buran to discuss their innovative dog walking app Pawsapp. For the majority of people in this day and age, convenience is everything. Pırıl and Billur shared with us how they cater to the needs of their users.

Pawsapp is created to make the dog parents’ lives easier by helping them with unique and innovative solutions to dog walking. In addition to scheduled walks, Pawsapp also has the option for users to book on-demand walks. The platform offers a tailored solution for matching dog owners with trusted, local carers, thus providing them with peace of mind. 

We couldn’t help but ask Pırıl and Billur about what it is like doing business as twins. We talked about whether they think alike or not and how they resolve disagreements if they have any. How do they manage honest communication as founders? We were curious to know the progress they have made with their business since they had just launched their app a few weeks before our episode. They explained the level of traction they have been getting and where the traffic is currently coming from. We also asked about the metrics they are keeping track of as an early stage business.

So, dog walking, what is new?

When you are just starting your business you don’t have any viable data. So, we talked about how and when you should start structuring your business. What kind of a business model is Pırıl and Billur implementing in Pawsapp? What is the structure like for users as well as dog-walkers? Pırıl and Billur told us about their target customers and what they are doing to maintain their satisfaction along with everything they are looking for in an ideal dog walker. 

Being overanalytical or trying to rationalise everything when you are embarking on your journey can sometimes be much more harmful. We discussed what one can do to prevent over-thinking when it comes to business planning? How can you get the data you need to validate your business idea? What lessons can you learn from using different approaches?

On the tech side of things, we discussed if outsourcing is disadvantaging as well as how it affects the investment process. On top of that, we have also asked what distinguishes Pawsapp from the other dog walking products available on the market. To what extent does customer feedback affect the future development of the business?

Finally, we discussed with them the channels they are using or planning to use to implement their marketing strategies in order to accelerate their growth. How can you determine which channels are best for your target audience? If you would like to know what they have in mind as an alternative to online channels make sure the check out our insightful conversation with Pırıl and Billur above.