Live Streamed Consultancy Sessions for Business Growth
Live Stream Consulting is all about entrepreneurs, founders and the startup industry who need to scale up and grow their business online. Startup owners, consultants and founders get together in live sessions, ask questions and give advice on specific topics, networking, sharing ideas, and so on.

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The consultancy sessions are basically composed of podcasts that are up to 40 between 50 minutes about spontaneous and unrehearsed live sessions. Product development and growth, product experience design, pet care franchise in size range, brand awareness & sales in the property market, B2B sales & building partnerships are the beginning topics in the podcast series.  To share knowledge and beneficial information is the key point in these sessions. Because entrepreneurship feeds from networking and acquires those experienced business consultant’s main focal points and how they start in their own journeys. For example in the first session, Business Growth Strategist John Fuggles wants Shivika Pratap, Founder and CEO of Avika Limited to explain what is needed to launch and where the business stands at the moment. Startup businesses like Avika, gets business consulting tips and ask their questions to enhance their visions and level up. Get the latest entrepreneur tips for your business and shorten your path to achieve success.
Here you can also start from the very first session via the channel you prefer:
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