Things to Know About Career Change – Because, Why Not?

There comes a time in people’s lives when they feel they need a change. When they feel they need to do something totally different from what they’ve been doing over the years or they feel like they need to add more on their existing skills and profession. Well, “how to make a career change?” was literally a question I asked myself when I was considering to make a move on a new field such as SEO and I know I’m not alone on this phase. As you already discovered this post, you’re probably asking the same question to yourself too.

So, let’s move this conversation further.

Why career change?

Well, changing career is a decision you have to think over and have a carefully laid out plan on how to transit with less challenges. People change career for several reasons. It may be because they have reached their limits and can no longer move further in their current roles or they want to get involved in more challenging roles; the roles that would motivate them to learn more and achieve more. Other reasons may also the need for reducing the every day stress, increase in salary (for sure:)), flexibility or change of environment, improving the work & life balance and so on. The transitioning may be to work in another company and startup or to become self-employed. 

It is important that people know that in going ahead with their decision to change career, they have to make sacrifices and are bound to face challenges. For example, there has to be financial sacrifices incurred through relocation for transportation. There may also be need to change accommodation. A new career means a new routine that may be appear strange or challenging at first but becomes easier with time. 

How to change your career?

If you have been consistently saying “I need a career change but don’t know what to do” then I may have something to share from my own experience.

The first step to take while considering a change in career path is to decide on where to want to go next. Taking a career test based on the John Holland test will help you choose a career that will be personally fulfilling. This is a tough decision to make for most people but the answer lies on why you need a career change and what to intend to achieve. 

Below are a few tips and things that I would consider if I was in your position in 2022: 

  • Give a clear answer for why do you need a career change. 

I’m old school… Get your notebook and write down the reasons why you dislike your current job and the change you feel may likely make you stay back. Note down your skills and experiences. What skills make you stand out and how can you apply them in your next career path. What extra skills, programs or tools do you need to learn?

  • Consider which industry do you want to work in next.

Consider if you want to change industry or you want to still stay in the same industry and just switch roles. If there is a particular industry you are interested in, write down what you like about it and what you think it can help you achieve.

  • Speak to more informed persons.

If you are still confused about where to be, speak to people and let them suggest career options that may fit your skills and experience. I wasn’t actually sure if i was able to start my SEO journey after my 28th birthday and i kindly asked invited one of the industry professional i know for a coffee meeting so that i could get his honest feedback on my work and it turned out that i could be the next budding SEO 🙂

  • Do your research.

After you have decided on the industry you want to be, it is time to narrow down your search and do an extensive research on the few options you have left. 

  • Draft your action plan.

Have a laid down plan on how to transition and goals to meet in a given time. Imagine yourself in that position. Make it obvious in your eyes, feel it and see if you are happy with that picture. 

  • Get yourself ready and then make a move. Start applying.

This may require you to get extra skill, experiences through internships, or certifications. Rebrand your cover letter and resume and start applying. 

Ever since I started looking for a job, one thing i was always struggling with was creating myself a roadmap and action plan which i can easily track my applications, my performance and save the details etc.

So if you’re dreaming to get a job in a startup in London but don’t know where to start and how to keep going, here is 28-Day Action Plan which will guide you to land that super cool startup job. 

Honestly, I’m feeling a bit jealous as i didn’t have a chance to get such resource when i first started my job hunt in London last year. 

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