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People to Know in London Business Ecosystem

To deep dive into the London Startup Ecosystem, the destination and source should be unique yet not the same…

Introducing the “People to Know” section, a new source including podcasts, videos, commentaries and interviews about the ongoing, future and previous experiences in the success stories and the real life stories, dedicated to Startups.

Want to find out more about the outline criterions of startup investors; or how many employees do you need in your first phases as an entrepreneur?

Learn the best effective methods of the people from the UK business ecosystem and let their success stories inspire you!

Here are the video stories of top consultants, startup entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, interim CTOs, managers and investors in the London Business Ecosystem.

 John Fuggles’ Story

How a Nissan GT-R Changed My Career

I went from the corporate world into doing something very exciting and developed and evolved into what I’m doing today.”

Ben Ford’s Story

How I Learned to Code on a Warship

I actually learned to code and back when I was a Royal Marine Commando on the way to Iraq.

 Ansi Deniz Rona’s Story

How I use Turkish Hospitality in Customer Experience

I was a digital experienced leader of Turkcell, the best company in Turkey, and I’m proud to say I did all as a woman as a wife and a mother of three daughters.

London Business Ecosystem

Since the beginning of the world of startups and entrepreneurship, businesses are composed of mainly two elements.

First one is ‘people’ and the second one is the “idea”. Before an idea forms, there are only people. So in London’s business ecosystem, people are gathered around the ideas of a new mission, vision and evolved into new founders and CEOs. To be more exact and specific, idea; the king is we can propound which type of startup entrepreneurs are revolving around.

After that, conforming the idea into a working, sustainable business plays its part. And finally, goal-setting and resultation gets in the game and takes it all.

In the London business ecosystem, there are startup entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs, interim CTOs, managers, startup consultants and investors and sine qua non, women in business.

Entrepreneurship is an entire community, meaning all of them are connected with each other and essentially needed by the means of communication. For instance according to John Fuggles, “young enthusiastic companies are open-minded and open to create conversations. Conversation making is 50% of reaching your inner idea for that business and the trick is openness to changes as much as possible”.

The entrepreneurs and founders are basically passionate ones to grow a business and willing to listen to people who also help them grow. To plan a mission together, they need complimentary personas to develop their ideas and become valuable in the startup ecosystem and the business world. Consultants confirm, inspire and brainstorm in the ecosystem. They mainly strategize the business and control the processes in the multi-disciplines. Interim CTOs and managers embody and objectify the abstract ideas and form the ventures into a visible format.

Startup investors, aka venture capitalists as we believe, are all about money and economy, yet they evaluate the future of business that means, to succeed or else. They are as more as the risk-takers than the founders and the directors. Women entrepreneurs are the “spinals” in the entrepreneurial ecosystems just because they create, share and especially, unite.

Follow our “People to Know” series to stay informed about the success stories and opinions on unique methods of the business ecosystem!

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