Adverttu Is Democratising Out Of Home Advertising

Adverttu is turning out of home (OOH) advertising on its head and turning the heads of people in the street simultaneously.

This disruptive startup is equal parts creative media agency, adtech innovator, and money-saving community that lets you earn extra passive income.

Adverttu helps both brands and Joe Bloggs.

Fresh Perspective to OOH Advertising

For brands, the company’s platform makes OOH advertising accessible, trackable, attributable and affordable, all of which enable businesses to plan, deploy and manage campaigns with the same ease of any other performance marketing channel.

On the other side, Adverttu’s driver app matches drivers to brands looking to advertise on their cars, vans and other vehicles. Drivers can get up to £150 per month, boost their earnings through promo events and swarms (lots of branded cars congregating in one place), and enjoy money-saving perks and discounts via the app.

Everyone wins with Adverttu – brands and businesses can rollout easily optimisable campaigns in a few clicks, you or I can earn extra money, and the suppliers wrapping the cars gain a steady stream of business.

Adverttu already counts brands like Meatless Farm, Medex and national food delivery companies as customers, thereby showing that its versatile platform is open for businesses of all types and sizes.

Adverttu’s Market Allows Its Reach Up To 27.5 Million Cars

When asked about how Adverttu’s accessibility, founder and CEO Artjom Jekimtsev said: “We’re all about making OOH advertising work for everyone involved. Traditional media providers rent their estate from HNW individuals or large land companies. We instead focus on low-to-middle income individuals – there are 27.5 million cars in the UK that are suitable for Adverttu advertising. This approach redistributes income and reduces the monopoly held by industry incumbents.”

So far, Adverttu has delivered strong revenue growth and an equally impressive technology stack that includes a UK and European first launch – Shadowfencing.

This mysterious sounding application is part of Adverttu’s digital offering and Artjom describes Shadowfencing as the delivery of complementary ad messages to someone’s device, once one of its branded cars has passed by in close proximity. This clever retargeting is hooked up to automated programmatic advertising and helps to extend a client’s campaign online, further.

This year could have been difficult for Adverttu, considering the impact of Covid-19 restrictions, however the company doubled down on R&D during lockdown and has emerged a more mature outfit, eager to help brands amplify campaigns outdoors while also filling the pockets of 40,000+ drivers with extra cash each month.

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