Becoming a Codepreneur: All You Need to Know

“Becoming a Codepreneur: All You Need to Know” by Chelsea Lamb

Understanding code is becoming one of those skills that every entrepreneur should possess. In fact, it is even more important for entrepreneurs to know this essential skill since we are in the age of technology where technology is likely to impact every facet of our businesses. Learning to code is all the more so if you are starting your business from scratch and want to build your business from the ground up with a competitive edge. 

How to Learn the Art of Code

If you’re new to the world of code, then learning this type of ‘computer language’ can seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, it is possible with the right amount of practice and proper knowledge regarding coding and how this applies to your business. 

Of course, there are plenty of online classes that can enhance your skill set in this area. And yes, it will require a fair amount of in-depth learning. But at the end of the day, it will most certainly be worth it as you get to know the meaning behind what coding is and how you can practically implement your newfound knowledge in your business. 

Of the various coding programs you have at your disposal, there are basic coding tools such as CodeHub for beginners. But to truly master the coding skills, you will eventually need to delve further into more advanced programs like Python and SQL, for example.

How Marketing and Coding Go Hand in Hand

While there is a place for conventional forms of marketing, it is digital marketing that most businesses cannot afford to do without. Moreover, when one refers to digital marketing, coding naturally is part and parcel of online marketing. Therefore, once you know this all-important skill, you can use your knowledge to interpret marketing data and leverage this knowledge to optimise your marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Apps (Adem Ay / Unsplash)

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Of course, another side to digital marketing is equally as important to market your business on a global scale. Also known as social media marketing, this type of online marketing effectively finds and reaches your target audience with a simple post-click. 

Now, social media marketing also requires a certain level of digital savvy and is not something everyone has the knack for doing well. So, of course, if you find that social media marketing is not something that plays to your strengths, you can also choose to outsource this function too.

Moreover, you can search for qualified and experienced freelance social media marketers online, for instance. Social media marketing pricing ranges from $14 to $35 per hour, depending on their experience and skillsets. 

How to Secure Your First Client

First, it must be said that coders have a distinct advantage in securing work and, therefore, clients, with the job and work prospects of coders at an astronomical high. That said, securing your first client won’t be that difficult to do. So long as you market yourself correctly and have the qualifications to back it up. For instance, you could advertise your services as a consultant on job boards, advertise through your website, through word of mouth, etc. 

A Word of Practical Advice

No matter what industry you’re in, certain basic principles will still apply, especially when identifying your target market. Knowing who they are and understanding what your unique USPs (Unique Selling Points) are and how these will benefit your target market, and your competitors are some of the essential starting blocks of any business.

In summary, if you don’t know some coding, you should make every effort. And if you’ve decided that coding is your passion, based on current and future trends, then consider it something definitely worth pursuing, especially if you are entering into business, and you want to kick things off with a bang.

About the Author

Chelsea Lamb has spent the last eight years honing her tech skills and is the resident tech specialist at Business Pop. Her goal is to demystify some of the technical aspects of business ownership.