Best Fintech PR Agencies in the UK

Engaging content and information are vital for any ecommerce business. It works even better if the content is organic with a privileged media source creating and distributing them—some of the best PR agencies services aid businesses by increasing their reputation and reach. Fintech PR and digital marketing agencies are companies that deliver streamlined services to build a business in numerous ways through creating brand awareness and increasing sales margin. Top financial PR firms offer premium services for businesses looking to grow and get support in financial assistance in services, ranging from managing media relations to corporate crises. This blog gives a broad idea of top financial PR firms and tech PR agencies in the UK.

Best Fintech UK PR Agencies to rely on

In general, public relations (PR) agencies must produce engaging content about your company or create brand awareness. Public relations (PR) often plays a vital role in creating organic content, getting your business published in the paper, or marketing it. PR agencies work at different levels depending on enterprises, such as technology, investment, and startups.

PR agencies bring awareness to your company with creative, data-driven content that helps establish trust in the market and subsequently helps improve conversion rates. Technically, the real work in any business starts right after a company introduces a product or service to a target audience. Businesses can be at stake if they don’t use proper platforms or tools to deliver the product or service to their customers. They may even fail if the proper knowledge and awareness of the product are not appropriately communicated to the audience.

This blog is a guide to the best Fintech PR Agencies in the UK to rely on that may help you meet your crucial business marketing KPIs.

What are some common PR operations?

PR agencies increase brand awareness by taking care of activities such as –

  • General and internal communication
  • Press activities
  • Crisis handling
  • Public relations

What is a PR agency for Fintech company do?

Fintech PR agencies handle everything from media relations to digital marketing. PR agency and financial experts help you meet PR goals by attracting leads and increasing conversions through engaging content.

How does Fintech PR differ from other sectors?

  1. Supervising complex tasks – Fintech companies need serious effort to be supervised as any mishap can lead to severe issues. They have a complex landscape.
  2. Balancing fast growth – The Fintech market is growing faster and is expected to reach approximately $324 billion by 2026. The faster growth comes with multiple areas and challenges to be handled.
  3. Handling diverse sectors – The areas that Fintech companies deal with are diversified – banking, technology retail, wholesale, and so on. Business growth in diverse areas has to be nourished by meeting market requirements. 
  4. Keeping up with the trend – the fintech market is highly driven by influencer marketing. Major influencers write about companies and businesses in the media and talk about them in public forums that are critical PR functions.

How do I find a good PR agency?

Some of the essential steps for finding a good PR agency are:

    1. Set measurable goals with specific timelines and requirements to be communicated.
    2. Plan your budget to find the right company that fits your investment plan.
    3. Research on PR firms by collecting information on their services, case studies, and reviews.
    4. Fix meetings to set the expectations on the services and budget.
    5. Collaborate and work by bringing external PR teams and internal marketing teams together.

If you’re looking for a PR agency specializing in FinTech, there are a few options. One of the most well-known agencies in this space is 10 Yetis, which has worked with companies like Monzo and Revolut. Another option is Enso Communications, which has a strong track record promoting financial technology startups. You could also consider The Atlas Group, which has offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong, for a more global perspective.

Top Fintech PR and digital marketing agencies



NinjaPromo is a leading digital marketing agency committed to elevating your brand to new heights through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding and creative design. Their deep-rooted expertise spans across all industry principles and they are especially skilled at helping B2B, blockchain, FinTech, software and fast-paced start-up brands succeed in a fiercely competitive and highly unpredictable market.

Founders: Alex Kasperovich, Paul Lipen
Founded: 2017
Funds Raised: Mar 4, 2019

Ninjapromo raised $400,000 / Seed from Heartwood Partners (previously known as Capital Partners)

Jan 5, 2017
Ninjapromo raised $700,000 / Seed

Employee Number: 51-200 employees
Investment details: NOT AVAILABLE
Growth statistics: NOT AVAILABLE
Details about product/service: Social Media, SEO, Paid Media, Paid Social, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, PR, Video Production, Video Marketing, Branding, Community Management, Website Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Mobile App Design, Blockchain Development
Exit information: NOT AVAILABLE


Best Fintech PR Agencies in the UK- CCgroup

CCgroup is an international B2B tech Fintech PR agency in London and a marketing consultancy that assists organizations in connecting with consumers through the media to influence them greatly.

Founder: Richard Fogg

Founded: 17 June 1985


Employee Number: 11-50

Investment details: NOT AVAILABLE

Growth statistics: NOT AVAILABLE

Details about product/service: 23 technology products and services, including html5, google analytics, and jquery, according to the g2 stack

Exit information: NOT AVAILABLE

PR Superstar

Best Fintech PR Agencies in the UK- PR Superstar

PR Superstar is one of the top financial PR firms which delivers well-planned and essential services for building a reputation. It also helps generate sales leads and raise finance.

Founder: Jill Kent

Founded: 2 October 2012


Employee Number: NOT AVAILABLE

Investment details: $300 billion

Growth statistics: NOT AVAILABLE

Details about product/service: PR for Architecture, Aviation public relations, B2B technology, Corporate PR, and so on

Exit information: NOT AVAILABLE

Chatsworth Communications

Best Fintech PR Agencies in the UK - Chatsworth Communications

Chatsworth Communications provides public relations and strategic communications services to the financial services and financial technology sectors. It helps brands thrive, become well-known, and increase sales. 

Founder: Nick Murray-Leslie

Founded: 2005

Funds Raised: $1 million

Employee Number: 15

Investment details: NOT AVAILABLE

Growth statistics: NOT AVAILABLE

Details about product/service: Advertising and marketing, business services

Exit information: NOT AVAILABLE

Sapience Communications

Best Fintech PR Agencies in the UK - Sapience Communications

Sapience has a strong track record and assists its clients across both tech and financial services in developing business relevance. 

Founder: Richard morgan Evans

Founded: 2011


Employee Number: 11-50

Investment details: NOT AVAILABLE

Growth statistics: NOT AVAILABLE

Details about product/service: Analytics

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

Public Relations

Exit information: NOT AVAILABLE


Top Successful Market Research Companies for Startups in London - Ipsos

Ipsos is a global market research and tech PR agency UK specializing in market research for advertising, loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs. 

Founder: Didier Truchot

Founded: 1975


Employee Number: 10001+

Investment details: 

Growth statistics: NOT AVAILABLE

Details about product/service:  26 technology products and services, including HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery

Exit information: NOT AVAILABLE

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