Expanding beyond Calculations in Math Education with Dr. Charles Roddie, CEO of Summatic [Podcast #66]

This episode of the SOL Podcast welcomes Dr. Charles Roddie, CEO of Summatic. As a mathematician, an economist, and a lecturer himself, Charles is aware of the challenges to overcome in teaching as well as learning. He explains how he appreciates written materials when it comes to math education but wanted to create something that is more interesting but also advanced than a textbook. 

One of the main objectives is for academics to be able to ask questions and deliver content of the same high quality but in a more efficient manner. And also seeing if a computer can take the right role in teaching. In this sense, Summatic is an interactive, automated, and online mathematics textbook.

What is the Goal?

The need for learning mathematics is vast. Charles was kind enough to enlighten us about their product-market fit and market niche. We discussed how they figured out their position in the market, their target audience in math education and how they carry out deals.

Charles mentions that they aim to be as thorough as a skilled mathematician when it comes to assessing student work. You can learn how and when they developed their technology, what tools or programmes they are using to achieve that. Of course, you might be curious to learn what they certainly try to avoid.

Summatic is a young startup. Despite being founded in the early days of 2021, they had already found clients and secured initial funding by the summer. Whether you are a potential client, an investor, or someone with plans to go into the EdTech industry, this podcast is for you. 

Learn more about how they differ from their competitors, their pricing strategy, and their usage of available data while pitching in this episode. Charles also offers insight into future jobs as well as some words of encouragement for anyone interested in entering the startup world.