Helping the World Through Purposeful Customer Engagement with Cesar Faucheur, Co-Founder of Twio [Podcast #70]

This week’s episode of the SOL Podcast welcomes Cesar Faucheur, Co-Founder of Twio. Customer engagement is one of the most important factors in the success of every business. But, are you aware that whilst boosting your engagement with customers, you can simultaneously help social and environmental issues? Cesar explained how Twio enables businesses to partner with their customers and make donations to causes that matter to them. 

Twio is a plugin that basically enables customers to access donations that are personalised and unique to their profiles. Thus, Twio allows stores to connect with their customers on a more meaningful level and increase sales by allowing them to support organisations that try to solve social and environmental challenges worldwide with every purchase. 

How did Twio come to life?

Our chat with Cesar began by asking about the thought process behind launching Twio. After realising there was an opportunity, what steps they took to validate it. He shared very valuable insight into how you can persuade a market that you have a valuable product. We also inquired about how big of a role a potential pivot can play in a business’s success and what the challenges are behind it. Thus led us to discussing their original business idea and where they are now. 

Our questions touched on the technical side of things, as well: How does the product itself function? What were the most important needs whilst building the product? How does their techstack work?

We chatted about their team during our conversation. Have they outsourced or built an in-house team? Which challenges can arise when forming your own team and what are the alternatives? And, of course, the intricacies of people management and how the founders handle the work division between them.

You can also learn how they generate revenue, which metrics they regularly monitor, and what their next big goal is. Listen to Cesar speak about what they value about working environments and communication, and what new generation of business strategies they utilise, in the episode above.