How to Start Your Own Beauty Business in 2023

If you love looking and feeling great, and have a dab hand with beauty products, 2023 could be the year you strike out on your own to start your very own beauty business. 

Now could be a great time to do it. According to GlobalData statistics, the industry was set to be worth £27 billion in 2022, and analysis from Companies House found that the number of companies with ‘beauty’ in their name absolutely skyrocketed between 2002 and 2020.

Want to make the world more beautiful? In this guide, learn some simple and easy tips on how to start your own beauty business out on the front foot.

Define your services

Define your services

Beauty entails everything from waxing services to hairdressing and lash extensions, but to do well, it’s important you own your niche. To do so, define what services you want to provide and who your target audience is. That way, you can focus your business on the services and customers you know best.

Invest in high-quality equipment

With so many beauty businesses in competition with one another, it’s important that the quality of your service is excellent. 

As such, you should invest in high-quality equipment before you start trading, so you can kick off effectively and begin earning repeat custom and plenty of positive word-of-mouth recommendations. For instance, if you offer waxing services, it’s crucial you get high-quality wax strips and spatulas that let you easily (and as comfortably as possible!) apply and remove wax from clients. If, as another example, you offer laser hair removal services, you should invest in the highest quality machinery to guarantee not only safety but also high-quality results.

You need to consider all your financial options

You need to consider all your financial options

You will need startup funding to kick off your business, paying for premises if you want to operate a store, travel costs if you visit clients at their homes, equipment, safety gear and much more. There are a few ways to get hold of this finance, from savings to a loan, but whichever you use it’s critical you assess the costs of the funding before you commit. Failure to do so and you might find yourself in debt and struggling at the precise time you need to be focusing on building your beauty business. You can always ask for expert help if you don’t know where to start or are unsure of the best option for your new enterprise.

Become an expert

Always keep learning. However well you think you do your work now, chances are there are ways that you can improve your skills and start offering more and better services. Look at videos online, practice in your spare time and book tickets to training courses to become the best beautician you can be!

Sometimes this might also mean that you need to get extra certifications or permits, but it’s worth the investment (both of time and money) if in turn you can offer more services that your clients are interested in. Think about it as a long-term investment into your business.

Never neglect your clients’ needs

Your clients are the centre of your business. As such, they should always have the last word regarding what they want and need from you. Let them lead, and offer suggestions that suit them, but never push them into treatments they don’t want or need. 

Make sure to get feedback on what they think about your current offerings, and ask them if they’d want anything to be different or any additional service they’d like you to provide. This will ensure they’re always happy with your work and will not feel the need to go elsewhere for the services you don’t offer yet.