Mastering Article Summarisation with AI

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, we have gained the ability to perform routine tasks quickly and efficiently. One of these tasks includes article summarisation. It is a process of condensing entire articles within a few words and sentences. So that, readers can quickly get familiar with the main idea/concept. Manually performing this process is quite a labor-intensive task.  Thankfully, that’s not the case now. With the help of AI summarisers, you can get the job done within seconds without compromising on quality and original meaning.

How You Can Perform Article Summarisation with AI Like an Expert

  1. Decide the Type of Summarisation You Need to Perform

    First of all, you need to decide what type of article summarisation you want to perform with AI. There are only types of summarisations. 

    In the extractive approach, a summary is created by using the same words and phrases that the original or source text contains. Whereas, in the abstractive approach, the summary is created by using new words and phrases that the original text does not contain. 

  2. Pick an AI Summariser Accordingly

When you decide on the type, you can then start the finding procedure of the most reliable AI article summariser.

 Below we have listed some essential factors or features you should look for in a tool, before choosing it. 

  • Must Base On AI: This is obvious, to perform AI-based article summarisation, you will have to find a tool that has Artificial Intelligence algorithms integrated with it. The AI will ensure maximum accuracy and quickness. 
  • Summary length adjuster: It would be great if you go with one that gives the option to adjust the output length the tool should generate. This way you can summarize the requirements according to your desired length requirements.
  • Multilingual support: The availability of this feature can greatly help you in determining the reliability of the tool. So, it would be good, if you also consider it.
  • No signup/registration: opt for a tool that does not require you to get involved in the time-consuming signup or registration process to use it.
3. Always Review the Output

You can consider this a step, a tip, or anything else. But after performing summarisation with AI, you should not proceed as it is towards the submission or publication without paying final attention to the output. 

Instead, you should closely review to determine whether the summarised result delivers the same meaning or not. This is because these tools can also slip while working due to technical bugs or glitches. 

Final Words

Those days are now gone, when people have to manually devote time and effort to summarising articles. Instead, now AI-based tools will get the job done within a matter of seconds. However, for effective results, you need to master AI summarisation.