Rumble: The Uber of Social Planning

No more trading endless availabilities on WhatsApp, forgetting details, losing touch, or searching for something to do. Rumble takes all the key ingredients of planning a social meet up and puts them into one simple to use and free App.

Chosen for the Mayor of London’s Business Accelerator Programme, a path walked by Monzo, Rumble is ready to make meeting up as easy as ordering an Uber.

Created by Friends… For Friends

Founded by three friends struggling to meet up and losing touch, Rumble represents a solution to a problem we all face. They realised that organising a meet-up was incredibly tedious and manual with busy work and personal lives.

Even if they managed to find a date between them, they had to search the internet for something to do or somewhere to eat, then remember or record the details… often forgetting. If someone else wanted to join, they had to catch them up on the plans again. The bigger the group, the worse it got, and most of the time, they would give up with their WhatsApp becoming a catalogue of failed catch-ups. Why was this so hard?

With no social calendar app universally used to arrange and manage social events, the Founders noticed the lack of structure around the social organisation, particularly the regiment of office life. Moreover, simple chat Apps like WhatsApp weren’t fit for purpose, and existing platforms like Facebook Events were outdated and unpopular amongst millennials and Gen Z. Something had to be done.

Rumble - The Uber of social planning Startups of London

A Simple Solution to a Frustrating Problem

Using intelligent calendar syncing and its unique ‘social life algorithm’, Rumble can provide its users with instant availabilities for an entire group of friends with a single tap of a button, with the ability to vote on preferences live in the group chat. In addition, simple invites for fixed events like birthdays and parties make social organisation straightforward.

Once a group has found or sent a date for their event, Rumble can match available restaurants, ticketed events and things to do for that particular time. Users can then book within seconds and have all the details of the event shown in a shared calendar invite in the App.

Real-life Interactions Mean More

The founders have seen the sharp rise in mental health issues and loneliness over the past 10 years, as digital forms of communication continue to grow, only made worse by the pandemic. They are committed to providing a platform that breaks down the barriers of social organisation, allows their users to see each other more frequently in real life, and acts as an antidote to the harmful effects of modern-day social media.