Disrupting Childcare with Rachel Carrell, Founder of Koru Kids

People who don’t have kids usually don’t tend to think about childcare. However, for those who have children, childcare can dictate their whole life. From career changes to moving to be near a system of support, the lack of a good childcare service can have life-altering consequences. So, in this episode of the SOL Podcast, we chat with Rachel Carrell and talk about all the ways Koru Kids is disrupting the childcare industry.

The mission of Koru Kids is to make life easier for parents and nannies alike. It removes the hassle of finding the best nanny for your family and vice versa. Their platform, along with their array of services, makes high-quality childcare more affordable for families. Whether you want your child to be looked after for a few hours after school or homeschooled by capable people, Koru Kids can provide the solution. 

What Makes Koru Kids Different

From the beginning, we learn that Rachel’s own experiences have certainly affected the way she looked at the industry. And we asked her to share her story prior to launching the company. What did make her leave her job and start Koru Kids? Later, we talked about the aspects of the childcare industry that are at the core of the company. Which services do they offer other than nannies? How do they develop it?

Another topic we dwelled on was their team. How does your team affect your growth? How does a business evolve and progress according to its clients’ needs and what is the team’s role in that? Rachel also enlightened us about their decision-making process in the company and the importance of adaptability and providing quick solutions. One key topic was what you need to pay attention to whilst hiring the right people to make the right choices.

Lastly, Rachel answered our questions about the multiculturality of, especially, London and how exactly they manage the complexity whilst matching families and childcarers. She explained what the data shows regarding this issue. You can also learn whether they are customer or investor funded. Check our episode above to find out more about Koru Kids and Rachel’s leadership journey, as well as the open positions they might have!