Evolution of Growth as a Digital Product Studio with David Lane, Founder of Fat Fish Digital [Podcast]

On this episode of the SOL Podcast, our guest is David Lane, Founder of Fat Fish Digital. David has a long history in the tech industry. He was building apps before the “app boom” and discussing AI long before it was a buzzword. We talked about their story of growth with Fat Fish Digital.

His company Fat Fish Digital is a digital agency that specialises in mobile and offers innovative solutions for product improvement. Their services include app development, data analytics and UI/UX development.

Whilst they’re a tech company and build mobile apps for consumers, they devote much of their energy to user experience and engagement. Their focus is less on building the technology itself, but on making sure users get the most out of it.

Importance of Timing for Your Business’ Growth

Given his background, our conversation revolved around timing, company culture, skills, finding the right product-market fit and building a team. We talked about coming early to the scene. Most people are well aware of what happens when you are late to the market. And FatFish Digital is a tech company that started building apps before building apps were popular. So, how did being too early affect the company’s journey? Additionally, David shared how much his approach to risk-taking changed from his early days in his first company to now.

In our chat with David, we also asked if the company has ever pivoted and when. How did changing from a company that makes mobile entertainment apps to one that provides software services affect the team? Why does business success rely on matching the skill and the task with balance? 

If you are also curious about how a business can evolve regarding its tech-stack, what tools they use, and how to manage growth and skill development, you learn more in this episode. We invite you to listen to our podcast to find out about David’s long and fruitful entrepreneurial journey.