Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow

In the world of startups, learning never stops. So when you are busy running around, podcasts are the best way to gain the knowledge you are seeking to grow your business. In this article, we handpicked the 30 most inspiring podcasts for you.

Table of Contents

1. The WIRED Podcast

James Temperton’s award-winning podcast is the go-to source for the latest technology, science, business, and culture news.

The Next 100 Days Podcasts

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- The Next 100 Days

The Next 100 Days Podcast aims to bring you the right guidance to take your business to the next level. As one of the longest-running podcasts in the UK, it features various guests across the business ecosystem. A wide selection of guests enables everyone to find the wisdom they are looking for.

Conversation of Inspiration

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Conversation of Inspiration

With her 16 years of experience growing and empowering small businesses each week, Holly Tucker brings a new perspective to entrepreneurship in the Conversation of Inspiration podcast. Holly talks to a new founder each week to hear the highs and lows encountered whilst building their businesses and inspires her listeners.

Secret Leaders

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Secret Leaders

In Secret Leaders Dan Murray-Serter and Rich Martell each week invites different entrepreneurs & investors to talk about how they built their businesses from scratch. Each guest brings their unique advice combined with their life-defining moments.

Startups of London​

Top UK Podcasts to Follow-SOL

Each week Startups of London covers unseen stories through founder interviews, podcasts, podcast video series and articles with also looking at their work culture and their biggest challenges as well as their achievements. We work to bring out key lessons, bits of wisdom and insight that can be helpful for entrepreneurs.

If Only They Knew: Interviews with Young Entrepreneurs

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- If Only They Knew

It can be challenging to be a young entrepreneur, especially in an environment that grows each year massively. If Only They Knew brings successful young entrepreneurs to their show to discuss their success and how they can rise in this world.

Recipe for Greatness

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Recipe For Greatness

As the title suggests, Recipe for Greatness invites founders behind the best food companies in the UK to discuss the skills and knowledge they gained over the year while building their business ground up.

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Shoot Edit Chat Repatjpg

This fun podcast is perfect for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd, who made themselves a name in the UK photography world, talk about changing creative environments and what it’s like to be in the photography business today.

Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- The business of architecture

In this exciting podcast, Rion Willard, one of the UK’s leading architects, teams up with UK-based designers and architects to discuss the hiding facts behind running a profitable and impactful architecture practice.

Pitch Deck

Top 30 Podcast Shows-Pitch Deck​

Horseplay Ventures Co-founder Nick Telson’s fun and insightful podcast episodes are great for startups looking for investors or in the process of pitching their ideas. Each week a startup founder is given five minutes to pitch their business to host Nick Telson and august Angel Investors, followed by questions an investor would ask.

Better with Paul

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Better With Paul

Paul C. Brunson’s podcast is described as a “newsletter and community for everyone who values legacy, culture and financial freedom.” From US, UK, Caribbean and Africa each week, a guest speaker and Paul uncovers business, relationship, and health lessons from their experiences.

Hashtag Authentic – for creatives, entrepreneurs & dreamers online

Top 30 Podcast Shows-Hashtag Authentic

Anyone who wishes to grow their business knows that creating an online presence is essential. Hashtag Authentic’s host UK Instagram Expert Sara Tasker and her guests share their journeys, strategies, and inside information on creating a presence for your business on social media.

The Better Business Podcast

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- The Better Business Podcast

In this podcast Sean Purcell, an award-winning Business Coach, interviews top talent entrepreneurs and business experts to investigate strategies and tactics that helped them bring success to their business.

Investec Focus Radio UK

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Investec Focus Radio

Investec Focus Radio UK shares interesting conversations about economics, business, working culture, and investments with leading business people in their field.

eCommerce MasterPlan

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- eCommorce MasterPlan

Every week eCommerce MasterPlan includes a business person from eCommerce to share their fascinating knowledge. In addition, the podcast answers various questions, from acquiring more customers to creating a sustainable customer journey.

Yeukai Business Show

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Yeukai Business Show.

Yeukai Kajidori and his guests bring their top-level insight into what’s working in today’s business world. “Global Ranked among TOP 3% of the popular Podcasts” Yeukai Business Show covers topics from finance to sales, marketing to HR.

The Paul Gough Audio Experience: Business Lessons for Physical Therapists

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- The Paul Gough Audio Experience

Host Paul Gough a former Physical Therapist and now a successful business owner, each week bring his insight into marketing, sales, and hiring staff to leadership, finance, and the mindset needed to become a world-class clinic owner with his podcast.

IPA AdTalk Podcast

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- IPA AdTalk

The IPA is the UK’s professional body for advertising, media, and marketing communications agencies. In this podcast, Paul Bainsfair discusses with industry leaders on their careers and the evolution of the advertising and communications industry.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- How I built this

How I Built This brings the stories behind one of the world’s most inspiring organizations. Their high-quality interviews with the innovators and finders unpack the road to the success of the best companies out there.

My First Million

Top UK Podcasts to Follow- My First Million

In their podcast, the Hustle & Shaan Puri, occasionally with famous guests, brainstorm new business ideas according to current trends and opportunities in the startup market.

Business Wars

With its fun and unique concept, Business Wars discusses companies in the forms of ‘battles’ like Nintendo vs Sony and unpacks their unauthorized real stories behind their success.

Wake Up to Money

Wake Up to Money give you the latest and hottest news on business, economics, finance and technology. With a touch of sarcasm and humour, this entertaining podcast offers updates on the global financial markets with their live guests ranging from academic experts to company executives and general members of the public.

Business Casual

Morning Brew’s Business Casual is hosted by Kinsey Grant, which covers various topics from news in technology to interviews with CEOs and executives.


Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Startup

Startup could be one of the most exciting podcasts out there. Hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, it shows what it is like to build a business from the ground up following a different business idea in each season.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

The hos Rob Moore builds his podcast to the idea that “anyone can be a successful entrepreneur if you learn from those already winning.” He interviews famous and successful entrepreneurs each week and brings you an unscripted and unedited show.

The Pitch

The Pitch is another interesting podcast that sheds light on the world of startups. Each week a new entrepreneur pitch their idea to a live panel of investors in hopes of finding venture funding.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferriss, an investor, best-selling author and entrepreneur, sits down with various people such as athletes, musicians, and investors and discusses their knowledge on how to build a business that stands out. It is one of the most-downloaded business podcasts.

Marketer of the Month​

Top 30 Podcast Shows Startup Founders Should Follow- Marketer of the Month

With its fascinating guests, such as the Co-founder of Wikipedia to Pulitzer Prize winners, Marketer of the Month is one of the most thought-provoking shows out there. Anyone looking for unique tips on marketing and how to grow your business will what they are looking for.

Masters of Scale

Top UK Podcasts to Follow- Masters of Scale

Revolved around different themes, Masters of Scale brings interesting guests to you each week. Famous and successful guest like Mark Zuckerberg and Sherly Sandberg of Meta bring their proven best practices and knowledge to the show.