How to Make a Leap of Faith: From a Law Career to Entrepreneurship, with Eloise Skinner, Founder of One Typical Day [Podcast #73]

In this episode of the SOL Podcast, Eloise Skinner, Founder of One Typical Day, joined us. Eloise has a very colourful experience when it comes to careers. Having left corporate law behind, now she is focused on social impact entrepreneurship and One Typical Day is just one of her many endeavours. 

Eloise is in the process of developing One Typical Day with her research partners. Once it is launched, the video insights platform will be available to help students take their first career steps. The content will revolve around the daily working lives of professionals and provide a sincere and real look into countless careers.

On the whole, we talked about entrepreneurship, building businesses, creativity, learning, and growth mindset. But, we started our chat by learning the details about One Typical Day. What kind of a business is it? How does it work? What is the value and emotion Eloise is trying to create about and around the brand?  Eloise outlined how her past experiences in law inspired her to become a social impact entrepreneur and come up with her business idea. She also explained the foundations on which her business is being built, such as social mobility and sustainability. Check out the episode to learn more about how a startup like One Typical Day can help the environment.

Then, we asked Eloise about the metrics she follows and where the business is today. As a digital platform, what type of video delivery and consumption are they planning to create? It is a crucial point, since how we consume social media changes rapidly with every new app, for example, TikTok. That brought us to our next topic, which is the next generation’s expectations. We asked Eloise how they’ll generate the content so that it is credible and not just a polished PR piece, how will they ensure it is authentic?

Understanding Entrepreneurship and Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship

Last but not least (but maybe most interestingly), our topic arrived at entrepreneurship. Being a Renaissance Woman with multiple businesses and careers, we wondered what Eloise thinks about entrepreneurship. We asked her how she thinks entrepreneurship is understood by different parts of society as well as the world. What impact do our network of people and personal experience have on how we view entrepreneurship? We also talked about focusing on one business vs having multiple touchpoints. Would you be curious to know how Eloise motivates herself to work on so many projects simultaneously? How do monetisable skills and the ability to compartmentalise come in handy, especially for those interested in social entrepreneurship?

Do you how important it is to healthily optimise skills and talents to serve longer and shorter-term goals? Or are you feeling the weight of financial insecurities of being an entrepreneur? You can listen to our podcast with Eloise above, to learn many insightful details about launching a business and entrepreneurship.