Kinsume: Influencer Marketing With an Eco Twist

Social platforms are sources of influence, there is no doubt about it. Hence, we call the accounts that have thousands, sometimes even millions of followers, “influencers.” Because, well, they influence us with their content. Brands and marketers started partnering with the influencers because of their power to convince their followers that their content is in their best interest.

Influencer marketing rapidly became one of the most preferred methods to sell products or services with the help of influencers. But, -and it’s a big but- is it always best for us what influencers are selling? Are they really socially aware? Are we certain that what they’re promoting is good for us and our environment?

Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle

The concept of influencer marketing is nothing new. From product placement in a TV show to partnering with celebrities on social media, companies have been using influencers for years to reach their target audiences. Kinsume, a London-based startup founded by George Spain-Warner & Rob Pringle, offers an affiliate marketplace for content creators and influencers with an eco twist. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the right hands. It can help you reach your target audience, generate leads and increase conversion rates whilst also boosting your social media following. Kinsume believes that influencers should be compensated for their work, especially if they are using an eco-friendly product or advocating for a cause.

So How Does It Work?

Influencers create content based on what they love: food, fashion, pets, apps – anything at all! Unlike most influencer partnerships, content creators are free to choose how to promote a brand or a product. They can review it, wear the product in a video, or take photos of themselves using the product. Then, they post that content to their social media or blog. For each product sold by Kinsume’s network of influencers, the company plants a tree, thanks to their Planting Trees For The Future initiative. This allows them to raise awareness about environmental sustainability whilst also promoting other brands and the creators who represent them.

Creating a Win-Win-Win Situation

Fake followers on social media have always been a problem, but Kinsume’s results-driven model prevents brands from wasting money on fake followers. They do not only aim to streamline influencer marketing, but also to drive the industry towards more sustainable practices as well as support ethical and sustainable brands along the way.

By June 2021, Kinsume has more than 500 influencers and content creators recommending products to their audiences, earning commissions, and planting trees! At Kinsume, influencers, brands and the environment, all win, so it’s a win-win-win! 

Kinsume’s business model helps raise awareness for climate change whilst solving many of the problems actors in the influencer marketing industry face. If you’re an eco-conscious brand, influencer, content creator or blogger, head over to to sign up today to plant your first tree!