Meet Leadoo: A Lead-Driven Marketing Platform

Introducing the emerging lead-driven marketing company Leadoo!

We interviewed Leadoo’s founder to ask all about the business, its culture and its market. Then, we’re glad to present the cool lessons for other entrepreneurs thinking of doing something in the same niche or people who would maybe think of joining Leadoo’s growing team. 

Here you can watch the documentary video and learn more about their success story, how they develop, where they located and grow fast, and move on.

Why Leadoo?

Mikael de Costa, the CEO, described the platform as “Leadoo engages people who are already on the way to take action, personalise and visit effortlessly and seamlessly, which helps people increase conversions rapidly.”

A lot of content appears on the platform, and there is a question emerging: how do I get people interested in my business, interest in me, etc. Leadoo would like to operate in a small niche marketing that passive job seekers and private companies would like to do in an inbound way. The same problem has happened in companies doing content marketing and using content marketing to create value, then leaving the whole decision to the user without any advertising. 

The information exchange in Leadoo is room-based, not an AI or an ML-based platform because it is difficult to create proper chatbots. When you are in the sales field, the customer support section will be 10% on the business side and 90% represents the sales generation. As an interpretation for the user experience, designing the conversation, helping to create the right conversation is more valuable than inserting an empty box as a user experience tool. Santtu Kottila, CMO & Co-Founder, expresses Leadoo’s distinction from similar tools as “a unique mix of conversational technology, conversion tools and data capturing.” He explains, “we have a clear value proposition to deliver more online leads and sales, that is also really quick to showcase in action. People are always willing to invest in results, and being really results, meaning sales, oriented makes us different.”

How Leadoo Works?

Funding History

Leadoo is a young company, started in 2018; the team initially was a small group, but later on, they developed, and there are 63 people present. The platform headquarter is in Helsinki. In addition, they have offices in Stockholm, Estonia, London, and Spain. They’re planning to open a new office in Amsterdam after the pandemic situation.  

About funding and investment, Leadoo has their 1st investment in Finland when they’re 10 months old; however, they planned to grow organically and smaller as it doesn’t matter. However, de Costa realized that there is a lot of competition in the industry and growing fast and doing better than last year means important, rather than bootstrapping.

In January 2021, Leadoo secured six million dollars in a Series A funding round through crowdfunding company Springvest. This came when more and more companies needed digital lead and conversion solutions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. de Costa and Kottila explain that Leadoo is planning to expand to new conversion markets and is willing to focus on excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Kottila admits that “the effects of the pandemic have been mainly positive” for them but adds, “of course it’s not good that the economy is in crisis, but at the same time a lot of companies needed to digitalise their sales and marketing overnight and Leadoo helps in just that. So we would have been on a good track even without the pandemic.”

Leadoo - Lead driven marketing platform

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

About entrepreneurship, Mikael de Costa says his background has come from his family as an entrepreneur, and he’s used to working late nights and weekends. But, he thinks, it’s the only way I know, and you need to do what’s necessary.” Then he asks himself where he needs to succeed next and which ecosystem I need to learn the most, 2 hours in learning and exercising every day with the audiobooks and taking the mentors’ feedback. 

The inspirations about evolving leadership and learning objective of de Costa are that if marketing doesn’t work, you can go there, fix it, run it, and give it to someone else to manage. This thing keeps with the sales as well.  To be an inspirational leader, you have to take the hits, learn how to answer and figure it out. 

De Costa believes that a team needs to work together, and the key players of the team need to play well together, which means that learning and sharing are the key parts because building a company is all about these foundations.

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