Pentaform Presents AbacusBasic: Keyboard PC for the New Digital Age

Designed to revolutionize tech in a way that benefits the entire planet, the AbacusBasic is a low-cost PC that just needs a display attached to it.

The AbacusBasic comes fully equipped right out of the box. It sports multiple ports for connecting peripherals and even has the Windows OS and it comes with a recycled ABS body. Keeping in mind the fact that technology, by virtue of innovation, is designed to go obsolete, AbacusBasic looks at minimizing its overall impact on the environment. When discarded, the technology can be recycled, while the outer housing can safely recycled without contributing to the tonnes of e-waste generated each year.

Truly Designed To Make The World Better!

Technology has had a massive impact on this world… although the benefits of technology haven’t touched everyone equally. The best technology is always accessible to the wealthiest, and the very culture of replacing your gadgets for ‘the latest and best’ has had a visibly negative impact on our planet and low-income communities. The AbacusBasic changes that.

By being affordable, fully functional, compact, and biodegradable, the AbacusBasic focuses on a different set of beneficiaries – low-income communities, and the planet. The AbacusBasic makes computing accessible, bringing the wealth of human knowledge and innovation to everyone’s fingertips. Online learning, job opportunities, health information becomes instantly available to everyone.

The entire computer fits right into the form factor of a keyboard, making it efficient to transport too. By removing the screen and reducing the size of the PC, the AbacusBasic reduces the average desktop computer’s footprint by at least 65%. It’s as portable as a laptop, but costs a fraction of the price ($149.99). It’s more versatile than a laptop too, coming with a quad-core processor with up to 4Gb of RAM and 512Gb of storage, a full set up of USB Ports, an ethernet port, HDMI as well as VGA output, a built-in speaker, integrated track-pad, pre-installed Windows 10, and even support for 4K displays!

The absence of the display is by design too. Displays are often the most expensive and fragile parts of a computer. The lack of a display allows the AbacusBasic to remain affordable and robust. It even means the product can be packaged into an A4 sized envelope without worrying about damage during transit.

A eco-conscious Computer?? Why?!

Unlike most technology, the AbacusBasic considers the planet as one of its prime beneficiaries. In a world where 4.2 billion people still don’t have access to computers, creating more computers isn’t the answer… creating better, eco-conscious ones is.

The AbacusBasic is designed to last for years with daily use, but in the eventuality that it requires disposal, the machine can easily be separated into the outer housing, and the inner hardware. The inner hardware can either be repurposed, reused, or recycled, while the outer housing is made of recycled plastics.

AbacusBasic Keyboard PC for the new digital age by Pentaform

About Pentaform

Pentaform was first envisioned during a graduate project at the Royal College of Art, with the mission to close the digital gap in developing countries like Indonesia, the country of origin for CEO Samuel Wangsaputra. Together with Co-founder Joon Sang Lee, Pentaform set on a mission to bring the power of technology to roughly 4.2 billion people (more than half the planet’s population). Pentaform’s team has previously worked with Marc Newson, Apple and built digital products that have been used by +1 million users.

Pentaform was selected to participate in InnovationRCA, the Royal College of Art incubator, through a highly competitive selection process, and was recently featured on the popular discovery site, Product Hunt.

“Since our debut on Product Hunt, we have received an overwhelming amount of support for the Abacus. We are excited about the prospect of making the world a better place through affordable, biodegradable computers”
– Sam Wangsaputra (CEO, Pentaform Computers Ltd.)