Top SaaS Companies and Startups to Watch Out in 2022

Software as a service (SaaS) is delivery and licensing model in which software is accessed on the web via a subscription rather than installed on local computers. With SaaS, companies need not manage applications or invest in hardware to run their applications. Instead, a provider hosts and manages the infrastructure to support software. This enables updates and patches to be applied automatically and universally and reduces the burden on a company’s IT team. The SaaS model can reduce costs for IT infrastructure that would previously have hosted the applications. It can also minimise some of the time spent on management tasks because a SaaS provider is responsible for upgrades and management.

Many business applications are now available in the SaaS model. These include email, sales management, customer relationship management, financial management, human resource management, billing, and collaboration applications. Below we are presenting you with the best SaaS companies and startups in the UK to watch out for in 2022.

Top SaaS Companies and Startups


Hopin is an all-in-one live online events platform designed to connect distributed communities. Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you have created for them. Organisers can achieve the same goals of their offline events by customizing their Hopin to fit the requirements, whether it’s a 50-person recruiting event, a 500-person all-hands meeting, or a 50,000-person annual conference. Hopin is built knowing every event is unique.


BambooHR‘s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Its software sets HR free to do great work and be more strategic, which helps the entire organisation do the same. BambooHR’s clients include innovators like SoundCloud, Foursquare, Freshbooks, Stance, Reddit, Magnolia Homes, and others in more than 100 countries and 8 languages worldwide. 

Thought Machine

Thought Machine is a FinTech company that builds cloud-native technology to revolutionise core banking. Their mission is to cure one of the banking industry’s primary problems: its reliance on outdated IT infrastructure. Nearly every bank is stuck on a legacy IT platform, which cripples their ability to innovate and give their customers the type of service they deserve. Their solution to this is Vault: a complete retail banking platform that is capable of being configured easily to suit the needs of any bank. 


Cledara is a SaaS solution to help companies manage their Saas spending. The startup offers a full-stack SaaS operations platform that provides greater visibility and control into how companies discover, buy, manage, and cancel their cloud software. The platform unifies and centralises the purchase and management of SaaS, provides real-time visibility into software availability and usage enables automated SaaS admin and streamlines cloud compliance. Cledara has also rolled out Europe’s first bespoke card rewards program for software.


Humio is a modern enterprise-grade time-series logging and aggregation platform for managing today’s distributed environments such as data-rich microservices environments. It is designed for streaming data and enables large-scale logging and real-time analysis of all data as and when it’s ingested. Humio is available for both self-hosted and SaaS environments. The platform facilitates data aggregation, exploration, reporting, and analysis from a range of sources and also features innovative data storage and in-memory search/query engine technologies.


Qualis Flow is an environmental management platform focused on reducing the environmental impact of construction. The platform facilitates a data-driven approach to tracking and managing social and environmental impact by automating data collection and applying machine learning to identify causal links between site activities and environmental impact data. The platform eliminates the need for on-site environmental teams with a real-time environmental risk monitoring process that allows teams to reduce environmental impact, identify opportunities for improvement, and save money on reporting and mitigation.

Red Sift

Red Sift is an open-cloud, data analysis platform that provides cybersecurity solutions for any sized organisation. The startup offers intelligent, accessible, and true self-service SaaS solutions that use machine learning to analyze and process millions of data points and deliver actionable insight directly to users. Red Sift offers different SaaS applications that can be combined for company-wide email threat intelligence. Businesses of any size can manage their own online security using the platform’s dashboard of tools to analyze and synthesize data from core business processes such as email.


Traversals uses state-of-the-art AI and Big Data technologies to research global events, and identify potential threats, compliance issues, and opportunities in the context of your business. Analysts and decision-makers benefit from faster prediction, identification, and response times by collecting, analysing, and processing multilingual information in the context of your needs and your workflows. By combining the most modern AI methods with Big Data technology, vast amounts of multilingual and multinational information are reduced to the relevant fraction. The combination of machine and man allows even small teams of analysts to carry out the most complex analyses. Due to the generic character of the platform and its SaaS functionality, different intelligence solutions can be easily implemented and deployed within organisations.


Onfido is the new identity standard for the internet. Their AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics. Their main clients include Revolut, bunq and Bitstamp. 


WeFarm is the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet.