Where Does SEO Take Your Business Journey? with Kevin Gibbons, Founder & CEO Re:signal [Podcast #62]

Today, we are bringing you an episode of the SOL Podcast from the past, in which we spoke to Kevin Gibbons, Founder & CEO of Re:signal, about all things SEO. “You can’t just do SEO out of a textbook,” says Kevin, placing curiosity at the heart of it.

The evolution of the internet has affected the way we conduct business profoundly. The new developments have created new paths and one of the categories that the ever-growing online world has impacted significantly is marketing. Consequently, today, when we think about digital marketing we not only think about PR campaigns but also SEO, in other words, Search Engine Optimisation. 

In terms of SEO, Re:signal is one of the fastest growing specialist SEO and content marketing agencies in the UK. Since their launch in 2012, their vision is to accelerate organic growth for their clients. In their goal-oriented approach, they focus on investigating first and then investing in areas where they expect the greatest return. Furthermore, they are the most award-winning agency in the market.

Evolution of the SEO Industry

Kevin has been in the digital marketing industry since 2003. Thus, naturally, we opened the conversation with a key question: Who would have thought back in the early 2000s SEO would be the business that it is today? Could the boom in the SEO industry have been foreseen?

Even though the idea “buy the rumour, sell the news” is more related to investment, we tried to implement the notion in SEO. Considering the number of websites, and therefore the content volume, we asked Kevin how the SEO industry transformed over the last 15 years. 

Does social media really help your SEO strategy?

We talked about the fundamentals of SEO. Kevin claimed that everything’s changed yet at the same time nothing’s changed. He explained the aspects that stayed the same whilst others evolved. How do you meet the demand? How big of a role does Google play in the process?

We also touched upon the ever-changing protocols of different social media platforms regarding content creation and traffic. Is there a balance or silent exploitation between the platforms and content creators? How can tools like Google Snippets help your business but also block the traffic coming your way? How do all of these tie to commercialisation and revenue? 

How to be realistic about your expectations

Further, we asked Kevin about the misconceptions some startups and founders may have about SEO and what is the realistic way to approach it. For example, when should startups begin seeing growth? When should the traction start coming? When should they expect to collect the fruits of their short term and long term goals? Kevin shared some insightful aspects the startups should focus on to see genuine progress. Another topic to pay attention to was hyper-growth vs slow & steady approach.

At the end of the episode, we wanted to know what Kevin values most in team members. If you are interested, we asked about possible available positions, too! We had a detailed conversation about Kevin’s ideal team member that best fits their company. The importance of will, skill, and communication. 

So, in case you missed it, these are some of the topics that we discussed with Kevin. If you haven’t listened to the episode or want to listen again you can access it above. Kevin does share some quite important insights regarding SEO and growth. As a bonus, we also asked Kevin to introduce his podcast, It’s a Good Start, which he co-hosts. If you are wondering what they are talking about over there, keep on listening.