Through a More Sustainable Consumer Ecosystem with Nohelia Rambal, Founder & CEO [Podcast #58]

How would you know if a brand you are trying to shop from is sustainable or not? This week on the SOL Podcast, we talked sustainability with Nohelia Rambal, the Founder and CEO of Goodfind. Nohelia believes that it is everybody’s responsibility to care about the consequences of our actions. That means being aware of our actions and their environmental footprint.

Given that we have to buy stuff to take care of our needs, Goodfind believes we might as well buy it from brands that do the world a favour. Since they only work with brands they believe in, you don’t have to spend hours searching for sustainable brands. Additionally, you can search for sustainable brands by their categories or discover brands whose values align with your own.

Why Should Your Business Care About Sustainability?

Goodfind is a sustainable economy startup. So, we started by talking about why businesses should care about doing good rather than making money. Nohelia offered valuable insight into the relationship between sustainability and profitability as well as its impact on business survival. Then, we discussed the role of customer demand for sustainable products and whether it can motivate companies to do good.

Over the past year, Goodfind assisted nearly twelve thousand people in finding ethical alternatives with more than six hundred brands in their community. Nohelia explained how they determine the brands they partner with are ethical and in what ways these companies do good. How does Goodfind provide its users with the flexibility to choose, unlike other sustainability platforms?

We also covered topics like ideal users, creating brand awareness, and their biggest goals for the near future. Of course, you may be interested in issues such as greenwashing, as well as some ways to identify and avoid greenwashers. To learn more about these and how to connect with your users, how to generate revenue and the importance of the market and industry’s growth potential, we invite you to listen to our podcast.