Tips on Creating a Home Office Ripe for Success

“Tips on Creating a Home Office Ripe for Success” by Gloria Martinez

Home businesses are opening up every day. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, a private residence is often considered one of the safest locations for handling knowledge-based tasks. Reducing the spread of the virus is a significant concern for people across the UK. Here are a few tips to help you launch your startup successfully while keeping yourself, your family, and your customers safe.

Get Started on the Right Foot

First things first, do your research. Then, get to know how to start a business in London. It includes getting business insurance, designing the website, and opening up a dedicated bank account. Startups of London offers a wealth of resources on its Small Business Checklist page.

Determine How A Home Office Might Affect Your Home’s Value

A home office is an in-demand feature for many, and adding one can boost the value of your property. However, don’t go overboard if you look for a return on your investment. No matter what type of improvements you make, track them. Your realtor may ask for before and after photos to justify a higher selling price than a similar home nearby.

Ensure Safe Interactions

On December 10, the city of London reinstated a mandate requiring face coverings in most indoor settings. It would help if you took similar measures to keep everyone entering your home/office safe as a business owner. In addition to masking, confirm and reiterate your social distancing requirements. For example, request a safe distance of approximately six feet between you at all times. Another safety-conscious home-office rule is to ask in-person clients to be fully vaccinated.

Design your home office to promote all of your safety rules. It may include taking chairs from a conference table, opening windows, or installing virus-destroying UV lights. If possible, separate your home and office from each other by using a separate HVAC system, entrance, and bathroom facility.

Virtual Meeting

Add Tech to Foster Social Distancing

We are fortunate to live in an era where technology exists to keep us safe without reducing our ability to communicate. So take advantage of contact-reducing software and equipment. For example: use an online invoicing software allowing your clients to pay with a credit card or via their online payment platform of choice. It eliminates the need for a paper invoice and check. Further, requiring online payments means you do not have to handle someone’s credit card, which may hold onto the virus for up to seven days.

Design for Virtual Meetings

As a home-based entrepreneur, you will likely conduct many business meetings online. As such, you must also ensure your workspace is set up for efficient virtual conferences. One of your priorities here is to check your lighting. Metro Technical Services explains how natural light is often best as it illuminates the face without showing harsh blemishes. Next, create a quiet zone around your office. It may include utilising sound-absorbing panels, a beneficial addition when you have children who are also home.

When outfitting your office with internet service, verify a strong signal with your installer. You should not experience latency on video calls, even when your internet is used throughout the house. Be cautious here, and read your contract term. Many ISPs are moving toward 18 to 24-month contracts, and you might not be able to back out after the first month if your service is not as expected.

General Home Office Tips

  • Provide visitors a separate Wi-Fi login
  • Password protect all devices
  • Confirm with your jurisdiction that a home office is allowed
  • Set strict office hours to enable you to continue to have time with your family
  • Keep your home office clean
  • Take a lunch every day to give yourself a mental and physical break
  • Use a stand up/convertible desk

Launching a home-based business is an exciting prospect, especially since it allows you to earn an income while keeping yourself and your family shielded from the virus. It takes work, and you may find separating your work and home life the challenge. But, with diligence, perseverance, and dedication, you will find success. Good luck in your entrepreneurial endeavour, and welcome to the world of business ownership in London.